Xiaohan plans to build 18 million pound luxury house

 Xiaohan plans to build 18 million pound luxury house

According to the sun, F1 world champion Hamilton plans to build a party center in his 18 million pound mansion to facilitate parties with his friends. However, his plan has met with strong opposition from his neighbors, many of whom believe that Hamilton will certainly disturb the residents and worry that Hamilton will destroy the greening u3002

According to foreign media, Hamilton bought the mansion in 2017. The four story villa, located in West London, cost Hamilton 18 million pounds. The mansion, with its garden, parking lot and garage, cost Hamilton 18 million pounds, but it was an affordable expense for Hamilton, who was making 32 million pounds a year at that time.

It must be mentioned that Hamilton has not come to live in the villa since he bought it, that is to say, the house has been empty. But Hamiltons plan to build a party center in his 18 million pound garden has upset his neighbors, according to the sun.

The 35 year old F1 world champions desire to build a party place in a garden worth u00a3 18million has angered his neighbors, whose plans have provoked strong opposition from neighbors, and neighbors even wrote public letters against them, hoping Hamilton would stop building his party center.

One of the neighbors said that Hamiltons plan would certainly disturb the residents. He stressed that Hamilton did not need to build another place in the garden. Considering Hamiltons lifestyle, building this place had nothing to do with living, mainly for parties and entertainment.

Another neighbor said that Hamiltons luxury house, which he bought in 2017, has been vacant. Now he is ready to rebuild it again. A considerable number of neighbors complain that if Hamilton goes to build a party place in the garden, healthy trees should be cut down so as to have enough space. Therefore, these neighbors complain that Hamiltons plan may damage the greening.

Since the start of the new F1 season, Hamilton has been calling on all people to support the black life is life activity. However, due to the requirement that all drivers kneel down to protest, he is also controversial. Now he plans to build a party place. I wonder if Hamilton will change his original intention under the strong opposition of his neighbors.

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ NB12651