American reporter enters Wuhan virus institute director refutes: we are treated as scapegoats

 American reporter enters Wuhan virus institute director refutes: we are treated as scapegoats

Unfortunately, we are being made scapegoats for the origin of this virus. Anyone who is engaged in research and related work to combat the virus will inevitably feel very angry or misunderstood if he is accused of being groundless or malicious, she said

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Unfortunately, we have been designated as the scapegoat for the origin of the virus, Wang said. It is inevitable that anyone will feel very angry or misunderstood when he or she is accused of being groundless or malicious while carrying out research and related work to combat the virus.

During the interview, Wang Yanyi and Yuan Zhiming, deputy director of the Institute, firmly denied that the new coronavirus may have originated from the Institute. They also said that scientists at the facility received the first samples of the new coronavirus only after the virus began to spread among the public.

I have repeatedly stressed that it was on December 30 that we came into contact with suspected SARS or unexplained pneumonia samples from the hospital, Yuan said. Before that, novel coronavirus was not encountered, and without this virus, it would not be possible to leak out of the laboratory.

Yuan Zhiming said that the staff of the Institute receive regular health examination, but so far, the Institute has not detected positive results of virus or virus antibody.

Wang Yanyi also said that none of the Institutes scientists were infected with the virus, indicating that the pathogen could not escape from the facility.

In May, Antony Fauci, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, also told National Geographic that there was no scientific evidence that the new coronavirus had accidentally escaped from the laboratory.

Yuan Zhiming, deputy director of the Wuhan Research Institute, said scientists had not yet found evidence linking the emergence of the pathogen to the seafood market in South China. He added that it was not clear how the virus jumped from nature or intermediate hosts to humans, from what animal, and when and how the jump occurred..

Previously reported:

An interview with Shi Zhengli, a researcher at Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was published on the website of science recently. On August 10, China Science Daily was authorized to translate and publish the full text of an interview with Shi Zhengli by science magazine. In this interview, Shi Zhengli answered many questions about the source and host of the new coronavirus.

On February 3, Shi Zhenglis team published a paper in the journal Nature, reporting a bat virus (named ratg13) with 96.2% similarity to the new coronavirus.

As for the evolutionary relationship between the strain and the new coronavirus, Shi Zhengli said that her team had not received professional training in bioinformatics and had not calculated the evolutionary distance between ratg13 and sars-cov-2. She believes that the evolution of coronavirus from natural host to sars-cov-2 should be transmitted through one or more intermediate hosts.

Some people think that the bat virus Shi Zhengli called btcov / 4991 in 2016 is sars-cov-2, and the RdRp of btcov / 4991 and ratg13 have 100% homology.

Is this the case? Why rename? Shi Zhengli explained that ra4991 is a field sample number, and ratg13 is the number of coronavirus detected in the sample. When they changed the name, they mainly considered to reflect the time and place of samples. 13 is the year of sampling 2013, and TG is the acronym of customs clearance.

Intermediate host

Shi Zhengli said that according to the research of their team and international counterparts, it is likely to be originated from bats. After evolution in one or more intermediate hosts, a virus that can adapt to human beings and spread among humans will eventually emerge. However, it is not clear which animal or animal is the intermediate host and how it is transmitted to human beings.

She said that there are two possibilities for cross species transmission from bats to humans. One is that bats transmit the virus directly to humans; the other is that bat virus can spread to one or more animals, and then spread to humans from intermediate hosts. For sars-cov-2, the first possibility cannot be ruled out, but it is very, very small. She tends to the second possibility.

As for the study of intermediate host, Shi Zhengli said that the gene sequences of coronavirus, ratg13 and sars-cov-2 carried by pangolin are relatively close, and they have a common ancestor. From the current data analysis, she can not determine whether the pangolin is a natural host or an intermediate host.

Source of infection

The possibility of the new crown source in Wuhan, Hubei Province basically does not exist

Shi Zhengli said that the earliest cross species transmission of NCV from intermediate host to human has not been clearly studied in terms of time and place. According to historical experience, AIDS and other major diseases are not the origin (cross species transmission at first). This is one of the important reasons why virus traceability is a challenging scientific problem. As for the source and transmission path of the new coronavirus in 2019, we need to have an open vision, joint efforts of scientists all over the world and time.

Shi Zhengli said that they have been monitoring bat virus in Hubei for many years, and have not found that bats in Wuhan or even Hubei province carry coronavirus closely related to sars-cov-2. She thinks that the possibility of the new crown source in Wuhan, Hubei Province is basically nonexistent. As for bat cave in Tongguan Town, Mojiang County, Yunnan Province, where samples of bat coronavirus were collected, no nearby residents have been infected by the coronavirus so far, and the so-called No. 0 patient living nearby has gone to Wuhan.

When asking questions, the reporter of Science said that more and more evidence showed that the early cases of new coronavirus had nothing to do with the South China seafood market. He asked Shi Zhengli to explain what role the South China market played in the spread of the new coronavirus.

Shi Zhengli affirmed this statement. She said that some of the early patients had nothing to do with the South China seafood market. Under the deployment of relevant departments of Hubei provincial government, Huazhong Agricultural University and its team have collected environmental samples and frozen animal samples in the South China seafood market. They detected sars-cov-2 nucleic acid in environmental samples such as shutter door handle, ground and sewage in South China seafood market, with very low copy number of gene; and no sars-cov-2 nucleic acid was detected in frozen animal samples. Shi Zhengli believes that the market may be the site of the early outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia.

For animal farms supplied in the South China market, Shi Zhengli said that with the deployment of relevant departments of the Hubei provincial government, Huazhong Agricultural University and its team have collected samples of cultivated wild animals and livestock and poultry from farms around Wuhan city and some farms in Hubei Province. Their team did not detect sars-cov-2 nucleic acid in these samples.

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Trump owes us an apology

Shi Zhengli said that it was on December 30, 2019 that they first came into contact with the new coronavirus samples, when they received clinical samples of unexplained pneumonia. Subsequently, parallel research was carried out with other domestic institutions, and the pathogen was identified in a short period of time, and the whole genome sequence of the virus was disclosed to the world through who on January 12, 2020. Before that, they had never been exposed to the virus, studied it, or knew it existed. She stressed that P3 and P4 laboratories are very strict in terms of facilities and management. During the whole process of experimental activities, biosafety managers will monitor the whole process. The high-level Biosafety Laboratory of their institute has been in a safe and stable operation state, so far there has been no pathogen leakage or personnel infection accident.

Shi Zhengli said that the natural origin of the new coronavirus has now become a consensus in the international academic community. President Trumps claim that the new coronavirus comes from our laboratory ignores the facts, endangers and affects our academic work and personal life. He owes us an apology

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