Pirlos tactics exposed: 433 buy a big center to support Ronaldo

 Pirlos tactics exposed: 433 buy a big center to support Ronaldo

Marca pointed out that Pirlos football concept is based on controlling the ball. This is in line with the style of Pirlos player era. After being transformed into an organizational back waist by Ancelotti, Pirlo has always been the master of the game rhythm.

In terms of tactical system, Pirlo will mainly use the 433 formation. Controlling the midfield is the foundation of Pirlos tactical concept, and Artur will play a key role in Juves tactics. In the defence, delicht is likely to be given the privilege of putting in assists, and Pirlo wants him to play the roles of pique, Ramos or Lucio.

On the front line, dibala will play the role of creator, who will deliver the last pass. Ronaldo doesnt need to take on too many organizational tasks. His role is still a left forward with no ball. C Luo has the ball ability to degenerate greatly, lets him release the ball power as far as possible, is the use which enhances the strong points and avoids the weak points.

Another position in the front will be reserved for new players. Marca pointed out that Pirlo wants to sign a traditional center forward. The centre forwards task is to be a bridgehead in the penalty area and try to make the ball for Ronaldo. In Real Madrid, Benzema has played such a role. Manjucci was also Ronaldos best partner last season, but this season he was forced away by sari. It is said that Pirlo wants to introduce morata, but morata does not have a strong ability to respond, the authenticity of this statement needs to be verified.

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