Tiger tooth CEO internal letter response merger: no decision has been made

 Tiger tooth CEO internal letter response merger: no decision has been made

It has been reported that tiger teeth and Betta, the two leading platforms in the game live broadcasting industry, will merge soon. Tencent, the major shareholder of the two, is promoting the merger. After the merger, the market value of the two platforms is expected to reach 10 billion US dollars.

Spare no effort to catch up with the Kwai live broadcasting of B station, fast hand and other platform layout. If the merger is successful, it will be regarded as a powerful move to stop the loss of internal friction of the two largest competitors. In depth analysis > > >

In terms of market performance, Betta fell 8.5% and Huya fell 9.8% on Monday (August 10 local time).

The following is the original internal letter:

Letter to all Huya students

Dear students of Huya

good morning!

Yesterday, the companys board of directors received Tencents preliminary non binding proposal on the merger of tiger teeth and Betta, and synchronized the relevant information on the companys investor relations website last nightuff08 ir.huya.com uff09u3002

According to the proposal, tiger tooth will consider issuing additional shares and buy all shares of Betta with tiger tooth shares.

What we need to remind you is that the board of directors of the company has not yet made any decision. We will carefully review and evaluate this proposal, and will make the best choice for the company, the shareholders, especially the students. However, the companys board of directors cannot guarantee that the agreement relating to the proposed merger will be implemented and whether the agreement will be approved or completed.

In an open letter not long ago, I once said, when the wind comes, the sail will be fast.. Now we are more convinced that the tide is flat, the banks are wide, and the wind is hanging. I hope that you can continue to focus on your work, do not talk about or guess the relevant events. If you have any media inquiries, please contact the PR Department of the company, and for other internal problems, please contact the IR department.

Huya just celebrated his fourth birthday. Looking back on the past, you and our management have made Chinas first live game player through continuous solid internal strength and steady development. In the future, our management will continue to work hand in hand with you, not forgetting the original intention, pursuing the dream together, remembering the mission and climbing again.

August 11, 2020

This article is from Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of economic report in the 21st century_ NF