Wisdom itself is hard to spread, but stupidity will use the Internet to speed up the spread

 Wisdom itself is hard to spread, but stupidity will use the Internet to speed up the spread

4. Life is not like cooking. You cant wait until everything is ready.

5. Ones thinking is not good, love is not good, sleep is not good, in the final analysis, it is all because of poor food.

8. I pretend to be drunk because I always like you when I am awake.

9. The best food and drink is the cool wind and the people who drink with you.

10. Too many hormones or too few hormones cant make an interesting meal.

11. One can endure any kind of life if he knows why he lives.

12. Always young, always in tears.

13. Self discipline is the greatest freedom.

14. Give all you have to what you love.

15. People are happy not because they live comfortably, but because they live with hope.

16. If you dont want to do it, youll find an excuse; if you want to, youll find a way.

When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. Now that Im old, I know its true.

18. People do not live for a lifetime, not for years, months and days, but for a few moments.

19. If fate doesnt make you laugh, its because you dont understand the joke.

21. Man may not know man, but the soul knows the soul.

22. Ones life, I think, is half lived in friends.

24. Its not easy for any heartbeat moment. Dont neglect it.

25. Weeds grow better than your deliberately planted grass.. But if you want to plant weeds deliberately, it is not as good as the grass you want to plant.

27. It is more important than anything that a person can make himself himself.

28. Being irritated by a fool proves that you are not smart enough or you are still young.

29. I wish my self would ring and churn forever, like a drop of sugar on the coals of fire.

30. To be superior to others is not noble, but to be superior to yourself in the past.

31. It is easier for one to do something by taking advantage of ones own shortcomings than by taking advantage of ones own advantages.

32. If there is any truth that girls should understand, it should be that love is your social life, not your life; getting married and having children is your life choice, not life.

33. Men think that as long as women look younger than their actual age, they will be happy. Dont they dare to praise women directly and say that it is the most attractive age?

34. If there is one thing I encourage you all to do, it is never to drift with the tide.

35. Everyone is flawed, like an apple bitten by God. Some people have great defects because God especially likes his fragrance.

36. What is an adult, a child blown up by age.

37. The so-called home is not a house, but the sum of love.

39. Not everyone can be successful. Some of us are destined to seek the meaning of life in the daily life.

40. Where we started, everyone was waiting for us to go home.

41. The true generosity to the future is to give everything to the present.

42. Maybe love is not passion or nostalgia, but years have become a part of life.

43. Every day we spend may be a continuous miracle.

44. Everyone, more or less, experiences the struggle of two forces, the desire to be alone and the impulse to go out.

You are so used to the world that you are not surprised at anything.

46. You are a smart man and you should go out. People should enjoy the world, not try to understand it.

47. Loneliness means freedom and discovery. A desert island is more exciting than a city.

48. Each holiday is short as if it has never been started.

50. What you have traveled can become memories, and what you havent done can also become memories?

No matter how smart you are, there will be things you dont understand. The reason why people say so is because they know too little.

53. No books in the world can bring you good luck, but they can make you become yourself quietly.

54. There may be many ways to beautify the soul, but I think reading is one of the easy to go, inexpensive, and shortcut without asking for help from others.

55. Reading can experience a thousand kinds of life, and those who dont read can only live once.

In general, the Internet increases social stupidity, because intelligence itself is difficult to infect, while stupidity will use the Internet to speed up the spread.

Wash and sleep. Good night.