Please, let go of Li Ronghao and Shen Teng! Netizen: its too magical. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

 Please, let go of Li Ronghao and Shen Teng! Netizen: its too magical. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Our yearning for happiness

Today, uncle will show you the source of happiness

Happy theater of friends circle

Is Li Ronghao so popular

He can be seen everywhere

But I think

The dogs glasses are bigger

Shen Teng is good, too

Zhu Chaoyang in the secret corner

Compared with them

You can copy an answer wrong

In other words, it took me three times to understand

Compared with Reba

This guy is obviously a lot more resourceful

Sometimes I dont understand

Brain circuits in boys

Listen to me

Im in love all of a sudden

A child with a mother is like a treasure

I believe it

Just look at this random name

ick out a mile

And those who are looking for names everywhere

The baby hasnt been born yet

There will be a lifetime of shame


He was not the only one who lost his surname

In other words, they are all gods

Why is the gap so big?

In fact, its no wonder that we listen to songs without reading the lyrics

Some of the lyrics are so easily misunderstood

And Zhou Huajians friends

And the country road

Asked questions I never dared to ask

Im not surprised to see this

After all, they drink beer cold

Recently, I have a new kidney

Come and apply the film

This is a smelly drone

Its really hard to be a boss now


Because of the place name of my hometown

You dont have to be friends with others

Finally, I know that there are some girls

Thank you all

Bring us another day of joy

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