Listening to the sound of dust

 Listening to the sound of dust

Someone said, if you become more and more indifferent, you think youve grown up, but you dont. Grow up should be gentle, gentle to the whole world. And maturity is to let go of many things, to be compassionate, and to look at the world with good eyes. . And I stand on the edge of the future and the past, listening to the dust, walking in the fleeting time.

More and more like all simple and beautiful things, such as simple dress up, clear layout, warm words, bright people, this is not the heart has grown old, on the contrary, my heart has been filled with fresh oxygen, enjoying another kind of life belonging to me, and I always believe that there is always a door, will open for me, outside is the light scenery of the wind and clouds, the door is Love in a long stream.

Along the way, with the blooming of years, I began to understand the whole world, including peoples hearts. Prosperous place, there are always some people will become memories, perhaps should not indulge in the past, flowers bloom, clouds roll, cloud Shu, indifference is the most beautiful scenery; there are always some feelings will become once, perhaps should not be persistent in memory, to cherish, to put down, cherish fate is the best memory. Life is impermanent. You should act on it and cherish it.

My heart always holds a belief that poetry has nothing to do with age, elegance has something to do with mentality. What I like most is that kind of flower like woman, not affectation, not seductive, not too conservative, not too beautiful, or as graceful as lotus, or as elegant as chrysanthemum, or as high as plum.

I like the woman must be kind, sincere and gentle, there is a kind of charm of their own, know how to love, know how to love yourself, also know how to be the most beautiful self, and age with time gracefully.

In fact, you should know that the real love exists around you. It is when you are cold, when you are tired, when you are tired, when you are hungry, when you are handed bread, when you are old, you are hand in hand;

Be a poetic singer. You like words, but dont slouch. Occasionally, you can spare a space to release your free heart. You can be elegant and calm, and listen to the wind and wind. Be a soul dancer, love life, but dont lose, cherish the fate in life, and have a journey of wind and rain, walk in peace and warmth, and the best is like water.

When you are free, you can watch movies and listen to songs. When you are busy, you should take care of yourself. In the rainy season, I hold a light umbrella and walk hand in hand with my beloved; I live a comfortable life with a poem like pen and write lightly in the fleeting years. Time, you and I are the best future.

If you are well, years do not hurt, from now on, be a smiling angel, believe that happiness, it is in your heart, keep happy, it is around you. I would like to be a light woman with you, facing a flower bloom, rippling a note lotus mind, settled in the prime of life, heart dust-free, light as water, listen to the years of Zen.


Shen Hong, nicknamed ye, is from Xinjiang production and Construction Corps. He has been engaged in editing and broadcasting for a long time. He is the anchor of many platforms. Many recitation works are scattered in various network platforms, and he has won many recitation awards.


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