If you are more and more silent, you dont want to say (heartbreaking)

 If you are more and more silent, you dont want to say (heartbreaking)

Because not many people will care about your inner emotional ups and downs, your vulnerability, your talk, it is likely to become other peoples leisure time.

Life comes and goes, can enter the heart of very few.

People who understand you will understand, but it is meaningless for people who dont understand you to explain more.

Silence is better than a thousand words.

I dont want to say:

Each has his own pain and his own way to go

Obviously, I have known someone since I was a child, but if I dont contact, I will not contact you. No matter how you recall that year, the other party is still indifferent.

People who have been with us for a long time, I dont know at which moment, they suddenly get married, go abroad, work

Reality splits our ties and scatters them all over the world.

Often pick up the mobile phone, look at the name above, recall once, but did not dial in the past.

Distance and time between our friendship, diluted into a mountain wind, blowing through my heart, leaving only a sigh.

Growth, is a road that cant go back, he has his pain, I have my bumps, everyone is not easy.

Sometimes, a lot of words really needless to say, once met, laughed, cried, helped, is the best gift of years for us.

A Zhu in Tianlong eight tribes once said: look at the clouds in the sky gathered and scattered, scattered and gathered. The separation and separation of life are so complex, why should you be sad.

Friends are the same, sometimes really do not have to solemnly say goodbye, a lot of words also need not say very clearly.

Everything cant be as good as you want, but each other is well.

In the company, once met a very appreciative predecessors, gave me a lot of advice and help, but also limited to work.

Whenever I want to pour out my troubles to him, tell me my confusion, and want to communicate with him.

A lot of words, not do not want to say, but can not say.

You dont know if he will tell others after he said it. You dont know if he can really understand you.

Maybe the other person will think that you are too naive, or that you have some intention, which will make a bad impression on you.

After all, everyone has passed that glass of wine, a mouthful of meat, can make intimate friends of the age.

With the growth of experience, there is a wall in everyones heart. The thickness of the wall depends on the number of injuries.

The pace of society is very fast, everyone is very busy, there is no time to make friends, there is no time to help you digest your inner negative emotions, do not care if you cry in the middle of the night.

Peoples joys and sorrows are not interlinked. Your sufferings can only be endured by yourself, and your difficulties can only be solved by yourself.

Needless to say:

We are just passers-by between heaven and earth

When I was young, I always cared about other peoples opinions, and I was very worried about the gossip. I had to argue about the right and wrong of sesame big things.

Life is your own, not for others to see.

If you cant let go of some things, you will be relieved. You will have life and death, and wealth will be in heaven. Only when you are indifferent can you feel at ease.

With the vicissitudes of life, nothing is immutable.

When you look back in ten or twenty years, you will find that everything is nothing but passing away.

Some people cant stand it and let it go. We just say goodbye. We dont have to send it far away or keep it.

Life and loneliness, a person to, also doomed to a person to go, sad and joyous, separation and divergence, is the normal.

Encounter is just a fate, can go to the end, can only see the fate of the arrangement.

A smile at parting and a glass of wine when we get together is the best comfort for each other.

Half a life has passed. I have seen many people and seen through many things.

Sometimes appropriate silence is not only a kind of maturity, but also a kind of wisdom.

For the rest of your life, I hope you will smile and scold others, be comfortable and calm when you sit in front of the court and smile at the clouds in the sky.

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