What inadvertent moments will boys be attracted by girls?

 What inadvertent moments will boys be attracted by girls?

Im not a boy, but the first boy friend said, looking back at me in the classroom, I giggled, super happy, and then suddenly fell in love with him, but I wrote love letters on my own initiative. Its really young.

[email protected] Mo is silent

[email protected] cat

When I was a flag bearer for the first time, I came to help me with my bow tie when I was very slow in the preparation stage. I was half a head higher than her, so I looked down at her to help me with my bow tie. She laughed shyly and skillfully tied my bow tie. At that time, there was a light shining around her.

[email protected] is a member of the Communist Party of China

The light in his eyes when he saw him, and a sweet smile.

[email protected] lazy

Put on your lipstick after dinner.

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Pin your hair behind your ears.

[email protected] like two grapefruit

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Maybe its the corner of your coat gently when you cross the road, breath when you speak in your ear, a smile between conversations, or a sudden physical contact with your side face in the sun.

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Ex boyfriend used to like to pinch my face, squeeze out a little meat, he said to me, this is really cute.

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Just because crossing the road pulled him, he was lifted to the heart.

[email protected] Muke

In a crowded place suddenly close to him wink ~, he said he was shy to.

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[email protected] Tianli

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My heart beat faster as I spoke in my ear.

Uncle said: like a person will not consciously pay attention to her every subtle action, and the heart often comes from these casual moments, it just pokes your heart, the deer suddenly began to bump.