If you can get this sense of security, you will really feel love the right person

 If you can get this sense of security, you will really feel love the right person

As an emotional blogger, one of the questions I interview most actively with people around me is to ask the girls who married their other half at the age of 25, what makes them believe that they are the person in front of them.

The answers I get cant support my lyricism, because they are usually empty and simple, such as: I think everything is good, its almost decided..

One day I suddenly had an answer.

My boyfriend and I are both very busy these days. To what extent, I just want to sit down and watch a two-hour movie. When I look at the schedule, I find that I have to wait for three months. Last weekend, after another full day, I had a stomachache before I went to bed.

It wasnt violent, but it would make me unable to sleep. I stayed by the bed until 1:00 in the morning.

He stayed with me until that point. The next day, fortunately, it was the weekend. I woke up naturally and woke up close to noon, safe and sound. I completely forgot the unhappiness of last night. At this time, he was busy with the meeting again in the morning. I took out my mobile phone and asked him what to eat at noon. I saw that he just sent a message to me. The first one asked if I woke up or not, and the second asked if my stomach still hurt.

I felt a little bit stung because, to be honest, I completely forgot that I had a stomachache last night.

It didnt hurt him, but he remembered.

At that moment, I had a little insight into marriage. I think that the moment that can make people make a good decision and identify a person must be similar to such a moment.

It is when you find that he regards your affairs as his own. In his heart, you two are a community of prosperity and loss. There is no escape and blame, or selfish salivation. Only he cares about you almost instinctively, just as he cares about himself.

Its the feeling of he really thinks of you as his own.

A kind of

My friend lost his job this year, but he didnt find any satisfied job. He planned to work full-time in we media.

However, there are also some worries. She and her boyfriend are in the first tier cities. In case we have a month with poor income from the media, we will have a lot of pressure if her boyfriends salary is taken away from the rent.

Thats what she decided in the end.

At the end of looking for a job, there was a job with lower than expected level and average salary, and clearly told her that there was limited room for improvement. She received the offer, but she didnt reply, and she was about to meet the deadline.

She didnt have the courage to refuse the offer she didnt like, and it was almost the middle of the year, and fewer and fewer companies were hiring.

She secretly cried for a while in the middle of the night, decided to accept the offer the next day, and then sent a micro blog: Im just destined not to do what I like.. After getting up the next day, her boyfriend said that he saw her microblog and thought that in this case, she would make her favorite we media first.

But Im afraid that there will be no other job opportunities in the future. Im also afraid that the income will fluctuate from high to low.

My boyfriend said, its OK. I still have a little deposit here. You cant receive advertisements for half a year in a row.. If you cant, electronic products can also be depreciated. If you go back ten thousand steps, even if you lose until the end of the year, I still have a year-end bonus that can offset it.

My friend hugged him in tears and refused the offer that should have been rejected.

After listening, I just want to sigh: compared with what gives lipstick to write love poems, this is the feeling of being really loved. When you love someone, you will naturally want to support her, you will naturally want to see her getting better and better, you will want to advance with her, you will push her when she needs to go forward but dare not, you will tell her wrestling is OK, I am fully equipped, and my eyes are on you.

Its the flowery love in our youth that makes us neglect. The essence of emotion is very simple. Care and support.

Its just that your pain is understood and your fear is shared. Its so basic, but its very rare.

I saw a screenshot sent by a blogger. It was a long love message sent by a boy on wechat to his girlfriend who had just got along with him soon

Maybe its because I can see through it. Love talk is really useless. Im sure that if I encounter work problems with this boy, he will only play games and talk with other girls for hours before he says in a lazy voice. Then I dont understand.

Love without a sense of responsibility is not worth mentioning.

There are many moments in my life that I find too difficult. The moment when I feel bad, when I am excluded by a neat team, when fear and panic come from my heart, is a sudden shower that I cant hide. I am a pedestrian without an umbrella. Whats more, no matter how hard we try to live our lives, we meet with these things. Although we accumulate wealth and seek security, sometimes even money cant cure everything in front of us.

When you get 50, 000 or 5 million a year, you have to let love cure you.

And its not cured with love words. Its not a ritual, a balloon, a rose, a candlelight dinner. For adults, its just useless and unnecessary.

What I need is to be cured by the firm support of the other side. Its the kind of courage that suddenly increases when you think of the other partys company.

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