Explore the logic behind the digital consumption voucher

 Explore the logic behind the digital consumption voucher

Consumption voucher leads to Carnival

Payment, as the entrance of all businesses, undertakes the important task of issuing consumption vouchers. According to the reporter of Securities Daily, up to now, nearly 200 regions, including Hunan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Wuhan, have issued nearly 20 billion yuan of electronic consumption vouchers through wechat platforms, driving nearly 100 billion yuan of national consumption. It has a significant effect on catering, retail, leisure and entertainment, clothing and beauty industry, transportation and tourism.

At present, WeChat payment, UnionPay and Alipay have been involved in the issuance of government vouchers in different regions, and their forms are various. According to the wechat payment data, in the process of issuing Wuhan consumption vouchers, 250000 people swarmed into the small program to stay one minute before the robbery. Only six seconds later, the supermarket (convenience store) consumption vouchers were robbed, with more than 750000 tickets snatched; only 38 seconds later, the shopping malls were robbed, and more than 380000 coupons were robbed; one minute after the robbery, more than 430000 consumer coupons were issued; within one hour, a total of 1.36 million people visited Ask the app, click to grab 2.39 million times

According to official data of Alipay, from July, Alipay took over the government, linked banks and businesses to issue coupons in excess of 10 billion yuan. This huge flow effect, giants will not let go. Huang Dazhi, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, spoke frankly to the reporter of Securities Daily.

Securities Daily reporter noted that in terms of the amount of consumer bonds, according to the situation in different regions, the degree of preferential treatment is different. In some regions, some coupons offer great discounts. This round of coupons is more like the subsidies of Internet giants in the war of red packets.

Take Jiaxing City as an example to put in 150 million yuan of consumption vouchers through wechat. Zhang Yu, director of the service industry policy and Planning Department of Jiaxing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, gives a group of data, which shows that Jiaxing has invested 150 million yuan of consumption vouchers through wechat, and has written off 126 million yuan so far, with a write off rate of nearly 85%. The direct promotion of consumption is about 1.32 billion yuan, playing a multiplier effect of more than 10 times, and the multiplier effect of automobile consumption vouchers can even reach 20 times. It has indirectly boosted the consumption of nearly 10 billion yuan.

According to the data provided by wechat payment, up to now, Guangdong Province has accumulated more than 400 million yuan of preferential amount for cancellation of consumer coupons, with a total transaction volume of 5.3 billion yuan, with a leverage ratio of 12.7 times, of which 80% are benefited by small and micro businesses; in Shenzhen, the accumulated amount of discount after verification is 150 million yuan, and the total amount of transactions driven by consumer coupons is 2.3 billion yuan, and the leverage ratio is 15 times, of which 80% are benefiting small and micro businesses; From July 17 to 23, Guangzhou Cultural and tourism consumption coupons have been collected with a total amount of 12 million yuan, and more than half of the merchants have written off the consumption vouchers. The total amount of the transaction was 13 million yuan, and the leverage was nearly 7 times.

It can be seen from the full month data of consumption coupons released by wechat payment in May that the consumption of Wuhan consumption coupons used by wechat payment increased by 400 million yuan in one month after issuing coupons, with a leverage ratio of 11.4 times.

Xin Jianhua, general manager of wechat payment government cooperation center, made an account for the reporter in an interview with Securities Daily. He said: the leverage ratio of leverage is related to the expectation of each local government or business. For example, some provinces and cities issue consumption coupons similar to cash coupons, and there is basically no threshold. However, some provinces and cities will set a threshold. For example, if you get a 20 yuan consumption voucher, you must It costs 100 yuan to use. Therefore, different leverage will lead to different capital scale.

Opportunities of new consumption ecology for payment institutions

Hundreds of millions of users participate, and the consumption multiplier effect of more than 10 times indicates a new competition and opportunity. However, for Internet giants, consumer coupons not only enliven their program ecology, but also deepen the communication between enterprises and government agencies at all levels.

In addition, according to the data published by various platforms, consumer coupons not only drive merchant transactions, but also benefit more than 10000 physical merchants, of which small and micro businesses account for the highest proportion. According to the data provided by Alipay, the small business economy is the biggest beneficiary of consumer coupons, and 90% of consumer vouchers are flowing into small stores. The growth of stores supporting vouchers is over 70%, exceeding the pre epidemic level.

Su Xiaorui said that for WeChat payment and Alipay, issuing consumer coupons is a new business attempt, and it is also a process of cultivating new consumption ecology. She said frankly: the consumption voucher can increase the frequency of WeChat payment and Alipay platforms, and enhance the stickiness of users in the payment of the ecosystem to drive the growth of users. Secondly, as the use of consumer coupons involves businesses, banks and other diversified partners, it is absolutely good for the platform to establish partner ties.

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