Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I want to take you away from time

 Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I want to take you away from time

Quick, quick, quick, everything must be fast

Everything must be accurate to the second

Express brother is going to be fired if it is a little slower

I heard that some people go to bed with a stopwatch

Quick people, please

I want to swallow the world in one bite

This is a group of quick tool people

Successful study of overbearing poetry has been neglected

Money is the only criterion

Everyone wants to be a money printer

And then they turned themselves into zombies

The only normal two beauties

Writing poems for you

But he was regarded as the biggest fool in the world

This world is too noisy, too impatient and noisy

Ive lost my inspiration for writing poetry

Can I take you away

Lets get out of time

Out of time

Theres no rush, no competition

Fame, fortune and wealth are all gone

Out of time

No sorrow, no sorrow

All the pain dissipated like a cloud

There is only endless beauty and endless love

Endless joy

Out of time

Limited time becomes infinite

Were going to have a lot of time

Its a waste of life

I want to take you to a mysterious place

A desert called Atacama

If you look at it, you will dream for ten thousand years

I want to sit with you in the boundless desert

Watch the stars together

Seeing the afterlife from this life

Seeing eternity from the afterlife

I said so much

Do you want to go

If you want to go

Lets ride the Phoenix at once

I forgot to tell you

My heart moved the world

It is willing to carry us to fly forever

It circled in the air

We have been waiting for a long time

Atacama Desert, image from Internet