Marriage u2260 raising children + living

 Marriage u2260 raising children + living

Because of the seasonal allergy, Zhou Jus face has a large amount of red spots. What makes her uncomfortable is not the pain itself, but for three or four days, the people beside her pillow have turned a blind eye to it.

It happened that the child was sent to her grandmothers home for a few days, and at night they had a rare quiet. After dinner, Zhou Ju cleaned up the kitchen, sat down on the sofa and looked at Fang Chong, who was playing with her mobile phone. Several times she wanted to open her mouth, she suddenly found that she could talk about children as well as children. Now the child is not around, facing her husband, there is nothing to say.

Silently sighing, she got up and prepared to return to her room to apply the mask. She thought, the big deal is to do their own things.

At more than 10 oclock, Fang Chong finally put down his mobile phone. After washing, he went into the bedroom and habitually wanted to hold Zhou Jus hand under the quilt. However, within a few seconds, Zhou Jus cold and thin hand twisted impatiently, and the whole person also turned to the other side.

After only three years of marriage, the relationship between the two gradually widened. The couple also talked about sexual life, but Zhou Ju didnt want to. Fang Chong thought, is his wife cold? Later, the two never talked about such a topic again.

Originally, the two people would occasionally quarrel over trivial matters, but the quarrel was too much, the problem was not solved at all, and finally the desire to quarrel gradually disappeared. Both husband and wife know that their feelings are weak, but they dont know where to start to change.

Dont let the wedding become the commanding height of emotion: no business, no happiness

Sternbergs marriage triangle contains three core elements: passion, intimacy and commitment. Passion is the component of sexual desire in love, is the emotional obsession; intimacy refers to the warm experience that can be caused in the love relationship; commitment refers to the expectation or guarantee to maintain the relationship.

So in Zhou Ju and Fang Chongs marriage, are there any core elements? Zhou Ju is allergic, and Fang Chong ignores it. Such indifference just shows the lack of intimacy between husband and wife. Zhou Jus impatient refusal of Fang Chongs small movements under the quilt also reveals that their husband and wife are no longer passionate. How can such a marriage be said to be sweet, there is only form left.

Marriage has never been equal to raising children + living, but a journey of life with each other and wonderful together.

Happiness triangle: learn to add doping to marriage

Secondly, talk about sex and say love is not shy. Sexual life is often a reflection of the relationship between husband and wife, but also a brightener of the couples feelings. Marriage without sex is not happy. Such as Zhou Jus resistance to sexual exclusion, there must be deep reasons in her heart, even including her values and moral outlook on sex. Fang Chong didnt go into his wifes heart to understand his wife. Instead, he put a label of sexual apathy on his wife, which was indeed too hasty. For women, there are often some sexual repression and stigmatization. They are not easy to show unrestrained sexual desire, but more likely to show passive. Its not that they dont love enough, they just dare not. Therefore, the husband and wife also need to explore and communicate in the field of sexual life, and even learn systematically.