Impression of summer vacation in Changsha: restaurants and hotels are recovering strongly, and there are no empty seats in the Internet

 Impression of summer vacation in Changsha: restaurants and hotels are recovering strongly, and there are no empty seats in the Internet

Since entering the summer vacation, many restaurants and hotels in Hunan have shown a strong recovery momentum. Securities Daily reporter recently visited the Internet red card punch fire palace, saw that the morning tea area people surging, full of seats. The waiters said that the turnover rate of breakfast tea, lunch, dinner and night snack had reached a new high, and the backstage and service team needed to work overtime to meet the needs of diners.

Wenhe youpozi Street store, which is only one street away from the fire palace, has entered the combat state since 7 am. The reporter noticed that in the store, the shop assistants were busy with production after receiving orders from meituan app, and the couriers taking meals were waiting anxiously. On the evening of August 3, mango hypermedia launched the youth Mango Festival punch in Changsha City flash activity, and selected wenheyou Hisense Plaza store as the flash show venue, making wenheyou brand a hot IP on the Internet, and was selected as a store worth visiting by young people who came to Changsha for tourism.

In the morning tea catering market, Tang Renshen Xiaofeng Tang also accumulated strength to break into the track. Yu Hongqing, head of the Publicity Department of the Tang peoples Shenpin, told the Securities Daily: our xiaofengtang stores in Changsha, Zhuzhou and other places mainly focus on leisure and fast consumption, and the 9.9 yuan buffet breakfast launched at present has been highly praised by the market. This year, xiaofengtang store publicized the idea of donating money to help poor families realize their dream of studying. At the same time, it also accepted some local college students to work study programs. Everyone who comes to xiaofengtang, we hope that they can eat well, be in good condition, and pursue their life dreams with full spirit.

The recovery momentum of the catering industry is obvious, and the hotel accommodation industry is also gradually warming up. On August 3, Changsha Tourism Hotel Industry Association held a big data presentation and analysis meeting, and jointly released relevant data on the dynamic situation of hotel market in the summer of 2020.

According to all the data from January 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020 transferred by Ctrip, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the hotel reservation in Hunan Province showed a cliff like decline, and gradually rose in February, and began to exceed the average value of last year since April 30. Since May, hotel bookings began to catch up with last year, especially in July, with a growth rate of 14.43%.

We have seen a welcome trend from the July hotel sales data in Hunan, yangzhangchuan, general manager of Ctrip, told the Securities Daily. Throughout July, weekend orders were generally higher than those on weekdays. From January to July this year, from the overall situation of Hunan Province, the main scene of hotel reservation is the couples travel and dating. This shows that there are more people ordering hotels for tourism purposes. After the opening of cross provincial tourism, the tourism market is reviving. We expect that in August, the number of overnight bookings in hunan hotels will grow by 28 percent.

Hundred million yuan subsidy to help

Recently, according to the data released by the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, in the first half of 2020, Hunans catering consumption continued to improve. In the first half of 2020, the retail sales of accommodation and catering legal entities above the quota in Hunan reached 8.370 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.6%, and a decrease of 12 percentage points compared with the first quarter. Among them, the sales revenue of dinner decreased by 21.5% and that of fast food decreased by 8.9%.

The staff of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce told the Securities Daily: with the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation in Hunan Province, driven by various consumption promotion policies, the market entities have accelerated the pace of resuming business and resuming the market. The residents outbound consumption has increased orderly, the market vitality has gradually increased, and the market sales have continued to improve. Not only has the sales income of the accommodation and catering industries improved significantly, but the total retail sales of consumer goods have also rebounded to a certain extent. In particular, grain and oil non-staple food, Chinese and Western medicine, automobiles and spare parts, petroleum products, etc. have rebounded rapidly.

The above-mentioned person mentioned: from our visit and research, the catering industry and hotel accommodation have a strong driving effect on commodity sales of the whole society, and have a strong absorption capacity for social labor force. They are one of the important positions for us to do a good job of six stability and six guarantees . After the summer vacation, consumers have a strong willingness to travel, which is a good time for small and micro enterprises to seize the recovery. To this end, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hunan Provincial Department of Finance and other departments have arranged a total of 100 million yuan of relief funds, which will be distributed to all cities and prefectures for new employment subsidies in the accommodation and catering industry. Accommodation and catering enterprises and individual businesses that resume business before June 30, 2020 can apply to the commercial departments of various cities and prefectures. The corresponding departments will distribute the subsidy funds to eligible accommodation and catering enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households before October 20.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425