The cruel end of equality extramarital affair

 The cruel end of equality extramarital affair

Yu Hong, 28, is an accountant for a clothing company in Ningxiang County, Hunan Province, and her husband Cheng Yang is the sales manager of the company. The couple walked into the palace of marriage hand in hand, with a story worth recallingu2014u2014

Ten years ago, Yu Hong was admitted to a university in Xiangtan. One weekend, she received a phone call from her dorm. A boy with a hoarse voice and calling himself Cheng Yang said that he was a junior in the Department. They wanted to form a friendship dormitory with their new sister. So they met. Cheng Yang is masculine and handsome. He talks like a barrage of bullets. In addition, he has two humorous sentences from time to time, which is particularly amusing. After they met, they often went to the ballroom and became the most eye-catching couple in the ballroom six months later. With the improvement of dance art, a good feeling also arises between the two people

Cheng Yang graduated. In order to reduce the pain of lovesickness, he gave up a high salary position in an electronic company in Guangzhou and chose a clothing company back home. Working less than two years, Cheng Yang was promoted to sales manager because of outstanding performance. Soon after graduation, Yu Hong followed his lover and became an accountant in the company.

On New Years day, the couple got married. In October, Yu Hong got pregnant. Cheng Yang was very happy, and Chens parents were very happy. But Yu Hong was preparing for the CPA examination, so he didnt want the child. After some weighing, Yu Hong didnt say hello to her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law, and went to the hospital to have an abortion. Cheng Yangs parents think its very unlucky and dissatisfied that their first grandson is gone like this. Cheng Yang also felt his wife did not respect himself, very angry. The relationship between the loving couple suddenly became tense.

Yu Hongs abortion caused gynecological inflammation and asked her husband to accompany her to see a doctor in the hospital. However, Cheng Yang said angrily, who told you to kill the child secretly? Retribution! Yu Hong had to go to the hospital alone. Because of his serious illness, Yu Hong will stay in the hospital for a few days, but the company will arrange Cheng Yang to go to other provinces to negotiate a large business. In the choice between public and private, Cheng Yang, who is full of anger, chose the task of the company.

Alone in the hospital for a few days, Yu Hong met a man with his mother in hospital. His name is Peng feibang. He is about the same age as Cheng Yang. Seeing Peng feibang taking good care of his mother, Yu Hong was moved. He wanted to know that Cheng Yang was so considerate. During the conversation, Yu Hong learns that Peng feibang has an unfortunate marriage - his wife has fallen in love with a rich man and is divorcing him. The two people feel sorry for each other and exchange contact information.

One night after Yu Hong was discharged from hospital, he received a call from Peng feibang. He told her that he and his wife were officially divorced, and he was in great pain and wanted to talk to someone. Because her husband has not come back, and did not make a greeting call, Yu Hong is also full of bitterness to find someone to talk to. The two agreed to meet in the bar, drinking red wine, while telling their respective misfortunes. The melodious music wakes up the Dancing cells in the rainbows body for a long time. In the flickering lights, Peng feibang leads Yu Hong into the dance floor. When that pair of strong big hands tightly embrace his soft waist, Yu Hong suddenly feels a strange emotion that has not been seen for a long time in her body, and she is a little floating. As drunk as a dream, Peng feibangs kiss fell gently on her lips, and Yu Hong soon lost her mind

One night, the next day, the dawn stabbed in rainbows eyes, let her return to reality. Yu Hong panicked. She didnt expect that she would do such a thing. She told Peng feibang in a panic that she would not contact again.

Half a month later, Cheng Yang came back from a business trip. Little farewell is better than newlyweds, but when she is passionate, she appears in her mind a scene of having sex with Peng feibang. She is suddenly ashamed. She desperately wants to get rid of those humiliating memories, but the clearer the picture is, the clearer she is. Yu Hong felt sorry for her husband, so she tentatively asked, if I had a one night stand with other men, would you hate me and abandon me? Cheng Yang looked at his wife strangely, without a positive answer, just said: I believe you will not.

To Yu Hongs embarrassment, since then, every time she warms up with her husband, that terrible memory comes to her mind and makes her feel ashamed. After many times, Yu Hong was tortured to have little interest. She couldnt hold that black memory in her heart. One night in February 2003, Yu Hong told her husband about it. In an instant, Cheng Yangs face twisted painfully. Yu Hong cries for her husbands forgiveness, but Cheng Yang looks like a crazy Monster: how can you do this? I cant stand it

The next few days, Cheng Yang has been silent, sleeping always with his back to his wife. Yu Hong understands her husbands wounds and tries to arouse her husbands deep feelings of husband and wife with her own tenderness. But a few months later, Cheng Yang still cant let go. Several times under the guidance of his wife, Cheng Yangfen launched a male style, but his passion suddenly stopped. He bitterly said to his wife, I also want to try to forget, but I cant...

The couple, like passers-by, are struggling on the edge of the cliff of love and hate. Cheng Yang began to drown his sorrows by drinking, and often went home drunk. Yu Hong didnt know what words to use to comfort and dissuade him, so he had to cry in secret.

One night in spring 2004, Cheng Yang met a girl named Wang Yan in a bar. Wang Yan, 18, is young and beautiful, which makes Cheng Yangs heart flutter. He feels that his wife has done something sorry for him, and he also needs to find a honey to balance his mind. And Wang Yan is a very practical girl. She hopes to rely on her beauty, so she takes Cheng Yang, who works as a sales manager in a large company, as her goal of getting money. Soon, the two mingled.

When Cheng Yang does not change color to tell his wife that he has found a lover, Yu Hong is in a daze. After half a days tears, she was almost desperate for marriage, but she couldnt bear to give up. She figured out that she was wrong first. What can she say about her husbands doing this? She told her husband, if you can balance in this way, I have nothing to say, just be careful, dont get into trouble... Yu Hong even believes that her husband will soon get tired of this extramarital affair, and their relationship will return to the former beauty. In this way, with Hongs tolerance, the absurd equal extramarital love continues at full power

When is the end of the three peoples world

Because of his wifes unprincipled tolerance, Cheng Yangs heart suddenly flies. When he is free, he goes to Wang Yan. Wang Yan, who is used to the life of light and wine, is young, but has a good way of dealing with men. Every time with Wang Yan, Cheng Yang can experience unprecedented happiness. From then on, Cheng Yang was out of control and tried to mix with Wang Yan, and all his income was used by Wang Yan. Husbands behavior, Yu Hong see in the eyes, pain in the heart. But she has been guilty of her infidelity, she did not attack, only looking forward to her husbands happiness, can wash away the psychological shadow between them. What Yu Hong didnt expect was that the development of things was far beyond her imaginationu2014u2014

In December, Wang Yan suddenly told Cheng Yang that he was pregnant. Although Cheng Yang likes to have fun with Wang Yan, he is not prepared to have children with her. Deep in his heart, he would never have lived with such a woman. Cheng Yang takes out 5000 yuan and asks Wang Yan to kill the child quickly. Youre not worth it? Im going to give birth to the baby! Seeing that Wang Yan didnt listen, Cheng Yang was angry and anxious: whats your heart in the end? My demand is not high. You give me 20000 yuan for youth loss. In addition, after miscarriage, I will live in your house and ask your wife to take care of me. Otherwise, I will let the whole city know that the child in my belly is your Cheng Yangs! Cheng Yang realized that Wang Yan had set up a trap to wait for her to drill. Her ultimate goal was to separate him from his wife and drain the oil and water from him.

Waking up from Roses dream, Cheng Yang has no choice but to place a glimmer of hope on his wife and brazenly showdown his cards to his wife. Hearing her husband finish, Yu Hong almost fainted. Her most worried thing finally happened!

After calming down, Yu Hong forgives Cheng Yangs love affair for a while. In turn, she feels that her generosity at this time will surely move her husband and urge him to recall their happy time and save the marriage which is on the verge of breaking. Yu Hong tearfully said to her husband, this is the matter. We will agree to her request. I will take care of her. Who calls us husband and wife. As long as you have me in your heart, I am willing to help you through this difficult situation.

Cheng Yang saw that his wife agreed to take Wang Yan to his home. He was immediately relieved. Immediately, he held his wife and made love. This is the first time in two years that her husband kisses himself voluntarily, and tears seep from the corner of his rainbow eyes After passion, Cheng Yang goes to pick up Wang Yan. Seeing her husband leave, Yu Hongs heart is in a sharp pain. She also secretly vowed that she would take advantage of the opportunity to face her rival and win her husbands heart back.

February 8 is the most humiliating day in Yu Hongs memory. On this day, Wang Yan, who had an abortion operation, moved to Yu Hongs home. Three people live in three rooms and start an embarrassing life of cohabitation.

Wang Yanyuan thought that her appearance would set off a storm in Cheng Yangs home, so as to achieve the purpose of divorce of Cheng Yang and his wife. But she never dreamed that Yu Hong was kind to her. Seeing that Wang Yan was weak, Yu Hong remembered that she had no one to take care of when she gave birth. She felt pity for Wang Yan. She made a pot of black chicken soup the next day and handed it to Wang Yan in person. But Yu Hongs tolerance didnt move Wang Yans heart. She changed her ways every day and made her home restless.

Perhaps moved by Yu Hongs magnanimity, Cheng Yang sleeps in his wifes room one night. After Wang Yan found out, she yelled in the middle of the night, saying that she had a bad headache. Cheng Yang knew that Wang Yan was making trouble and ignored her. But Yu Hong still got up and asked Wang Yan about the situation and wanted to take her to the hospital. Cheng Yang really cant see past, then rebuke Wang Yan, want Yu Hong to ignore her.

A month later, Wang Yan has recovered. According to the agreement, she should leave, but Wang Yan has no intention of leaving. It turned out that Wang Yans heart was numb by the life of the song and dance hall and the usual money and sex transactions. At first, she saw that Cheng Yang had money and status, so she deliberately set a rose trap and wanted to get some money from him. But along with Cheng Yangs getting along with her, his elegant demeanor and solid economic strength have aroused her idea of never ending up in the same heart with Cheng Yang. Seeing that her entry did not cause her dissatisfaction with Cheng Yang, and that her own tossing could not ignite Yu Hongs anger, she decided to stay here. She did not believe Yu Hong could endure for a lifetime. Therefore, Wang Yan said to Hong, you take good care of me. Im used to living here. I really dont want to leave.

Wang Yans shamelessness makes Yu Hong furious. However, she still tries to resist her anger. She feels that if she drives her away, her husband may be dissatisfied with herself. She decided to hold on to the end. Yu Hong just wants to take her husbands heart back with her tolerance and tenderness, and let Wang Yan retreat in the face of difficulties and finish the matter. Cheng Yang is dissatisfied with Wang Yan, but he cant help her. As a result, the farce like wives and concubines in the same room life continues.

The enemy is in front of her, but he cant vent his dissatisfaction with her. Yu Hongs heart is tortured with holes. But thinking of her previous mistakes, she felt that she was making atonement, so she insisted on. In her opinion, now she is competing with her rival in love. Whoever can endure more will win the final victory. But when will this painful contest end?

The mistress is defeated and retreats, drawing a knife to each other, ending the painful marriage, loving and hating long

In order to create conflicts, Wang Yan asked Cheng Yang to give her 20000 yuan as compensation for abortion. At this time, Cheng Yang has thoroughly seen Wang Yans true face and has a deep aversion to her, refusing to agree. Wang Yan made trouble to Cheng Yangs unit several times, but Cheng Yangs company was a private enterprise, and he didnt care about the private life of the employees. The leader only gave Cheng Yang a verbal warning. See through the unit pressure can not work, Wang Yan no way.

Cheng Yang thinks its time to end the dispute. In July 2005, Cheng Yang gave an ultimatum to Wang Yan - you should move out within three days, otherwise, we will report to the police station on the ground of extortion! Wang Yan immediately cried and made a scene, but Cheng Yang and Yu Hong ignored her.

When Cheng Yang is holding Wang Yan in bed, Yu Hong opens the door and comes in. At the sight of this heartbreaking scene, she was very angry. Wang Yan secretly happy: her own trick will make Yu Hong lose her mind. But Yu Hong conquers everything with reason. She thinks calmly that she is called by Wang Yan. This must be a trick of Wang Yan. She didnt get angry at her husbands cheating again. Instead, she erupted the grievances and humiliations she had suffered in recent days to her rival lovers like a volcano: Wang Yan, we are so good to you, but you are so calculating us. Are you still a human being? If you blackmail again, we will call the police and arrest you! Wang Yan saw Hongs attitude was so firm that she had to take 20000 yuan and walk away in gray.

After the failure of the Cheng family, Wang Yans dream of hard work was shattered. She thought that if there was no damage from Yu Hong, maybe she could continue with Cheng Yang. Later, she found Cheng Yangs home and unit several times, but Cheng Yang ignored her. After several encounters, an idea of revenge came into her mind. In December 2005, Wang Yanhua invited a man named Li Jun to teach Yu Hong a lesson. However, after several months of trampling, Li Jun has not found a chance.

Yu Hong, who is at work, goes home early because he feels ill. Li Jun, who tracks Yu Hong all the way, pretends to be a maintenance man who checks on water, electricity and gas, and knocks on the door of her home.

After welcoming the maintenance man into the door, Yu Hong turned and took him to check. Taking advantage of its unprepared, Li Jun stabbed the sharp knife into her stomach. Yu Hong screams and falls into a pool of blood. Li Jun runs away in a hurry without even pulling out his knife. Hearing the sound of neighbors will be sent to the hospital for rescue, fortunately did not hurt the heart and lung, only recovered a life. That night, Li Jun, who was hiding at home, was arrested by the public security organ and quickly confessed Wang Yan, the mastermind behind the scenes.

On September 3, Ningxiang peoples Procuratorate indicted Wang Yan and Li Jun on suspicion of intentional injury. On September 25, Ningxiang County Peoples court held a court session to hear the case and pronounced a verdict: the defendant Wang Yan committed the crime of intentional injury and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment; the defendant Li Jun committed the crime of intentional injury and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

After coming out of the hospital, Yu Hong proposes a divorce to her husband, but Cheng Yangjian never agrees. Cheng Yang said to his wife: so much wind and rain, we all adhere to come, after our life will be full of rainbow. Yu Hong calmly said to her husband, its too late now. Our marriage is meaningless today. If I have to keep it up, I really cant face the pressure of family and society. Im very tired. I just want to live easy by myself. If you insist on not agreeing to divorce, I will go to the court to file a divorce lawsuit. Cheng Yang after several hard to stay, see his wife has made up his mind, had to agree to his wifes request. On October 9, Cheng Yang and Yu Hong went through the divorce procedures painfully and helplessly.

After these sad setbacks, Yu Hongs heart was as dead as ashes. She quit her job and went to Guangzhou to work in a dejected way. She hopes to start a new life in a new place. However, in the new environment, can she really forget everything in the past?

Editors note:

In modern life full of temptations and traps, who can guarantee that he will not make mistakes? Yu Hong is wrong, also wrong in front of her husband, but she has no reason to always atone for her mistakes, to repent. Whats more, her unprincipled tolerance and compromise indirectly led to a bloody tragedy, which eventually led to the disintegration of her family!

Love and loyalty are always the most basic moral bottom line in marriage life, and forgiveness is always the escort of our marriage boat, let it move forward slowly in the river of years. If you cant forgive your lover, let him go. Give up each other, free yourself, and give love a way to live.