If you understand Wang Mani, you will understand the potential rules of the adult world

 If you understand Wang Mani, you will understand the potential rules of the adult world

Many people dont understand why they have to work so hard?

Isnt that asking for trouble?

But I understand her.

Every time I sit on the balcony and watch the crowd,

That balcony is her only comfort in the strange city of Shanghai.

Every modern adult has his own unique spiritual sustenance.

It was my first infectious disease. After a weeks rest at home,

Go back to school again, for fear that teachers and classmates will alienate me.

Thinking of these in mind, and then catch up with the mock exam, aggrieved very much.

I finished writing the test paper with tears, packed my schoolbag and went home alone.

Bring me a bowl of egg soup just out of the pot.

Later, grandma said that the teacher secretly called to tell her that day,

I was in a very low mood and asked her to make me something delicious.

When I grew up, my grandmother was gone and I stayed in Chengdu to work.

Whenever I feel depressed or upset, I always think of the taste and temperature of the bowl of egg soup.

Then tell yourself:

It doesnt matter. It will all pass. You are loved.

Even my closest friends dont know this placeu2014u2014

I have a microblog trumpet.

Follow 0, fans 0.

The only thing to be proud of: there are 12087 original microblogs.

Complaints at work, trivialities in life,

For me, this is the most relaxing place for me,

Its more free than the circle of friends, and it doesnt pay as much attention as Weibo.

Since the launch of the company, my profile has always been:

This years flood in the South has made many people lose their homes.

With only a picture of her husband, she escaped.

Its just a group photo. I dont have enough food,

But it can fill the hope of continuing to live.

Li Jiaqis n-name female star is known to be his favorite.

Hu Ge, Jing bairan, Gao Xiaosong, etc. almost all of them who have been to the studio have held never.

After many live broadcasts, Li Jiaqi gradually found that:

Theres a lot of flash in never.

Superior lens sense, flattering goodbye, healing smile

So he sent never to school to participate in the activities of healing dogs,

With a unique smile, help children and the elderly relax.

From Li Jiaqi having nothing to 43.26 million fans, never has been around him.

I dont have a girlfriend, but I have never.

This kind of feeling and comfort, after I raised the cat egg tarts, I gradually understood.

It has become my daily life to go home and play with it after work every day

Accompany it and heal me.

It is said that cats are naturally cold, but after living together for a long time,

I was surprised to find it human..

When I work at home, I often stay in my study all day,

When the tarts grow up, they scratch the door at lunchtime and dinner time,

Its like saying, its time to eat.

When I think of University, I read a Book of Kawabata Yasunaris flowers are not sleeping:

Lanshan is always beautiful, and nature is always beautiful.

But sometimes its just something that some people see.

At that time, I didnt understand what he expressed until recent years

In order to live, we will always find a spiritual sustenance.

But forget to look around the scenery how beautiful.

Guo Shujuan, a real Guangxi girl.

The girl, who was not born in the seaside, became Chinas first woman surfing champion.

Her dog, honey, also has an amazing talent for surfing,

Step on the surfboard, the front paw tightly grasps the board head, the small face is full of excitement.

He is also skillful in landing: shaking water, running,

As if this piece of sea and beach are its territory.

Every pet, in fact, has a natural extraordinary side;

Not a regular companion.

As long as you care and explore carefully,

You can discover the infinite possibilities in it.

Adhere to the scientific and nutritional help every pet, shape a healthy body.

This time, Guanneng cooperated with China National Geographic to launch:

Guanneng * China National Geographic co name exploration gift pack.