Pantone announces mint green in autumn 2020

 Pantone announces mint green in autumn 2020

Fresh mint is the most fashionable color? Pantone announces fall 2020 colors

You should remember that Pantones representative color for this years announcement is classic blue, which is calm and quiet. Earlier, Pantone and herittech, a fashion trend forecasting company, jointly announced the five main popular colors of this autumn. Heuritech used social media data to analyze color trends and found that the popular colors in autumn 2020 would be mint, pink, earth, blue and pink, respectively. At the same time, they also provide a specific color for each popular color. Among them, mint color is known as mistyjades 13-6008tcx, which looks very fresh and most attractive. Interested friends can also browse the full report on the website of heuritech.

Source: heuritech

Fmacm2020 fall / winter ghost flooding the wall series

Fmacm, the original brand, has officially released the first edition of the ghost pounding the wall series in autumn and winter 2020. This seasons theme ghost hitting the wall is just like the scene and plot described in the movie Groundhog Day. It is a kind of living situation that most people will face in real life. We need to find an outlet to break through the maze in order to meet more uncertainties in life.

The new autumn and winter series will be officially launched at 0:00 on August 10, and the temperature is still high in the old house. Therefore, the first batch of items on sale are mainly T-shirts, vests and trousers suitable for the end of summer and early autumn. In addition to the English slogan, the ghost element is also transformed into an emotive Tai Chi element. The ingenious design language echoes the theme in details. After browsing the first edition of lookbook, you can prepare new clothes for autumn and winter in advance.

Supreme will launch Smurfs theme collaboration series

Summer is coming to an end, and supreme will also usher in a new season of works in autumn and winter 2020. Recently, according to the information disclosed by the ins intelligence account @ dropsbyjay, supreme will launch a cooperative series with the theme of the classic animation work Smurf in autumn and winter 2020. At present, further information about the Smurfs xsuperme collaboration series has not been made public. Interested friends may wish to keep an eye on it.

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Source: [email protected]