20 sets of early autumn wear, the second set is too temperament

 20 sets of early autumn wear, the second set is too temperament

Every time it comes to early autumn, fairies must have such troubles: it will be cold to wear summer clothes, and it will be hot to wear too thick clothes. It is really difficult to wear proper clothes.

Tut Tut, dont worry. With the intimate Liya, the fairies problems can be solved easily. Liya has arranged four different sets of early autumn clothes for you, so that you can spend the cool early autumn.

Shirts and skirts are also very match combinations. If you untie the buttons of a few shirts at will, your neck will be slender. With the sweet ruffled skirt, a simple white shirt can also look like a sexy woman.

In addition to regular shirts, the French bloom with some colors is also a good early autumn piece. If you wear a pair of blue jeans, you will be able to burst the sweetness table. This suit is also a good choice for dating wear.

This kind of deep V-neck bloom with shoulder pads and high waist jeans of the same color can be used for shopping and commuting, and the whole audience can be easily laid in an instant.

How can a gentle Morandi Pullover be absent in autumn? If you tuck the hem into the skirt, you can pull up the waistline very well. The leopard print element of the skirt adds a bright spot to the whole look~

The loose T-shirt is very friendly to the apple shaped fairy. It can cover up the flesh of our upper body and buttocks. It can also create a sexy feel of missing under clothes.

For fairies who like oversize style, you can choose to have a clean sweater with a white T-shirt inside, with a little white edge on the hem, which makes you feel more hierarchical. You can wear a pair of curled jeans with boylish full on the lower body.

The whole set of clothes is really suitable for afraid of trouble star people. You dont have to think about how to wear it in the morning. Its so cool!

Liya has also arranged this fashion piece and overalls for the fairies. If some fairies think the color system is too dull, they carry a bright color waist bag, and they will immediately attract the eyes.

Liya, this years thiefs fashionable Pajama suit, should also be properly arranged for all fairies. Wearing it, you will feel lazy home, comfortable!

If some fairies think it is too simple to wear a single white shirt and skirt, they can fold a knitted vest over the shirt skirt, which is clean and simple, intelligent and light.

Autumn without windbreaker has no soul! Long windbreaker can highlight the temperament, wearing a simple solid color T-shirt is often gray.

Small fairy need to be careful to choose long windbreaker Oh, otherwise it will be accidentally exposed short board height. Liya suggested that the short windbreaker should be chosen for short fairies, which is clean and clean, and shows high sharpness.

Every autumn, Liya will buy herself leather clothes, cool and carry the wind, and wear a pair of leather shoes that echo the leather clothes. Its so cool that she has no friends.

If fairies think that leather clothes are too hard and wear a sweet dress inside, they can achieve the effect of balance between mother and man. With a pair of sports shoes, they are full of mix and match style.

Check shirt, a versatile piece of shirt, can be worn inside or as a coat. Casual cover in the dress outside, age reduction full marks, and then with a pair of canvas shoes, as if back to 18 years old.

As the king fried piece in early autumn, the knitted jacket can be missed by Liya. The butter green knitted jacket brings a trace of vitality to the cool autumn, and the lace edge inside the neckline shows tenderness and temperament.