Mature age elegant temperament, simple and high-level wear without losing texture

 Mature age elegant temperament, simple and high-level wear without losing texture

Green is a popular color in summer. It symbolizes vitality and health just like warm orange. It has a high effect of age reduction. Moreover, if you wear it correctly, it can also show white effect, bringing freshness and vitality of summer. The Green Cross stripe seven point sleeve top with apricot coffee skirt is fresh and gentle; the green T-shirt of apricot coffee color is overlapped with green T-shirt, and the light apricot flower bud high waist Capris make a small area of dark green play a decorative effect and become the finishing touch.

If you want to wear an elegant sense of maturity, shirt + skirt is absolutely the most basic and effective way to wear it. To a certain extent, half skirt neutralizes the sense of neatness of the shirt and adds a bit of gentleness and intellectuality. When you choose to wear a skirt for work, you can give priority to a straight tube skirt with a neat shape, which can cover the knee. It is very beautiful to match with pointed cat heels or flat sandals.

The simplicity and texture of wearing is not only closely related to the style and material of the piece, but also related to the elements. Many girls may feel that the solid color system is too monotonous and cant wear a unique recognition. In fact, if the elements are used too much, it will give people a complex feeling. There is no focus on vision, so it is far better to use the solid color foundation. Haze grey V-neck thin Knitted Top with white high waist Capris is simple and has texture.

Older working women can never ignore the white department. White is the most basic and unique of all colors. It can be combined with all kinds of colors without creating a sense of conflict. It has strong versatility, practicability and plasticity. When combined with dark color, it can also be deep and rich in medium and dark colors, so as to enhance brightness and make the shape more comfortable and eye-catching.

Beige color, as a member of the earth color system, is the most gentle and quiet, which is widely used in various female items. If you dont know what color to wear, beige or similar apricot color will never go wrong. The green T-shirt and beige pleated light yarn skirt in the suit are light and elegant; compared with the ordinary half skirt, pleated skirt is rich in semi skirt elements, and it is too gentle to wear with cardigan of the same color.

How can older women get fewer suits at work? With the development of fashion, suits are no longer limited to work, the range of wear and wear is further expanded, and the range of choices is also growing. If you want to give people a sense of elegance and simplicity, you can give priority to waist closing suits and collarless suits, these styles are very feminine.

There are many choices of suits in matching, but the most elegant and mature age is to wear a half skirt and a double dress. The earth color suits are folded into a black dress, which neutralizes the fierce suit. In an instant, it integrates elegance, simplicity and texture into one, and the rate of looking back is not too high! Love beauty is a womans nature. Even if you go to work, you should give full play to the beauty of mature age. Have you found the inspiration to wear it?