Kanyes circle of friends swipes the screen, and a large number of new products not on sale are leaked

 Kanyes circle of friends swipes the screen, and a large number of new products not on sale are leaked

It can be summarized as follows: Mr. Kan cried at the first election rally, posted a series of unintelligible tweets and then deleted it in seconds, suggesting that his wife, Kardashian, was cheating, and that he had psychological problems

After a series of operations, many netizens feel puzzled. What happened to Kan ye?

Just yesterday afternoon, Kanye tweeted 36 tweets in just a few hours!

This screen swiping operation seems to be more than chuanjianguo.

However, this time, Kan seems to have remembered his own yeezy Empire and the coming gap co branding.

Massive yeezy palette in 30 seconds!

Kanye once again released a large number of yeezysample shoes. It is not difficult to see from the pictures that the shoes are unfolded in circles according to different models.

Although it was shot from the top, it can be imagined that the scene should still be very shocking.

The yeezysample from Forbes interview last year

This is not the first time Kanye has done this. Last year, in an exclusive interview with Forbes magazine, he also generously shared the development of yeezy empire.

More than 100 pairs of yeezysample shoes are arranged in a line for the first time!

Among the many yeezysample shoes, there are several pairs of alien shoes that have been exposed for the first time!

After reading, I dont know what you think, anyway, Xiaobian is more confused

However, among the numerous yeezysamples, Kanye has also revealed the key sneakers hidden in them.

According to Kanyes description, yzydrose will officially appear in the near future.

In addition to the unique new shoes, you can still see a lot of new color yeezy700, yeezyqntm basketball shoes and 700v3 and so on

According to the news that yeezy factory will be moved to the United States as announced by Kanye, maybe this batch of samples may also be the test samples for initial proofing.

But at least it can be proved that there will be more color releases in the future.

In addition, Kanye specially released such a pair of 1 + 1 shoes, which seems to put yeezy700v3 in yeezyfoam.

This idea and cant help but remind people of the nikexmatthewm Williams, both design ideas are the same.

In addition to a large number of yeezysamples, among dozens of tweets, Kan once again revealed his crazy ideas..

According to Kanyes design drawings, it seems that there are more than one place. This is the rhythm of taking the whole river as a secret base.

Maybe we can release a new map in the future - yeezy Summoner Canyon.

It seems that Kanye is going to play a real game this time, but I hope it will not be cleaned up as a illegal building.

After reading the above general content, Kan mentioned his mother donda west again on twitter, and also showed old photos of him living in Nanjing when he was 10 years old.

In a short period of one year in China, Kanye and his mother swam across the great rivers and mountains, and skillfully used chopsticks.

Perhaps under the influence of socialism, yeezy is expected to create Chinese limited color matching in the future?

Finally, Mr. Kan also expressed his vision for 2020.

If you can say a word to Kanye, what would you like to say to him?