The little mans tall, sexy, practical and fashionable

 The little mans tall, sexy, practical and fashionable

Usually, small people are afraid of wearing long skirts, but Xing lingnai is just the opposite. She likes a variety of long skirts over the knees and ankles. She ties up her top with folded waist and puts a pair of high-heeled sandals under the long skirt to meet the needs of small people who want to be tall, and at the same time, it also takes into account the fashion and elegance.

In addition, she does not drop any earrings and bags. Exaggerated earrings and necklaces can focus peoples attention up, and small ornaments also show great ingenuity.

In addition to long skirts, she also likes to wear high waist and wide leg pants, which can not only strengthen the atmosphere, but also modify the imperfect leg shape. In particular, the suit wide leg pants with a hot trace in the middle of the pants are neat and neat, which will make the whole person have a good temperament.

When the overall color matching is monotonous, she will use one or two bright color pieces to balance, which instantly dissolves the ordinary. When wearing pink pants that are eye-catching enough, other pieces, including accessories, try to keep a low-key color, and make sure that the primary and secondary colors are clear so as not to dominate.

When she goes to work, her clothes are mainly in low-key neutral colors, black + khaki, intellectually and steadily. She uses long necklaces to dissolve the dull feeling of the top. Her wristwatch and bracelet are also echoed with metal elements, which greatly improves the wearing grade and the texture of the piece, avoiding monotony and not making people feel pompous.

Like this slightly more complex wave point shirt, she will also choose the same color trousers to match, to create the feeling of a suit, simple and very detailed.

Visual continuity of suit manufacturing

When he doesnt want to spend too much time considering collocation, he will directly wear a suit with the same color on top and bottom to form a coherent whole. In addition, with proper waist retraction, the overall proportion will be better.

When wearing black, it is easy for small girls to have no sense of existence. At this time, the skirt length can be appropriately shortened to enhance the skin exposure to increase the overall lightness. At the same time, it can be matched with one or two bright color pieces to look more eye-catching, or a light color or light color sweater on the shoulder can not only alleviate the depression, but also play a decorative effect, but also enhance the line of sight.

The cool solid color system highlights the temperament and taste

In autumn and winter, she will create a good proportion by plugging the corners. At this time, the pants will choose the tapered pants, which are more refreshing than the wide leg pants, and can also make the overall look more light. The color is very soft Morandi color matching, elegant and fresh, not fancy and very hierarchical.

Like the gentle and elegant baby blue + white + beige, the large area of solid color is spread out, and it is not easy to make mistakes. Light gray + light pink and pink as auxiliary colors can reduce the age effect and make the dull commuter full of fashion and vitality. When wearing this way in autumn, it is simple and high-grade and full of temperament.

Xing lingnai is nearly 40, but she still maintains a young dressing attitude. She does not pretend to be young or old, but she just manages the elegance and maturity. She is 156cm tall and looks like 166cm. Her high dressing technique is both practical and fashionable. You might as well learn it for a small person!