A former Harvard professor wrote that tiktok was Opium for China to retaliate against the West

 A former Harvard professor wrote that tiktok was Opium for China to retaliate against the West

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

However, in an article on tiktok published on the website of Bloomberg yesterday, the professor, with a prominent academic background, showed more crazy and absurd views than American politicians.

He believes that tiktok is not a threat to the national security of the United States, but that China retaliates against the Opium of the West and highlights Chinas imperialist ambition.

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

Of course, Ferguson, who has been in the top academic circles in the West for many years, did not attack China like us president trump or secretary of state pompeio. Instead, he gradually outlined this absurd logic chain in his articles.

For example, he first said that he was an old-fashioned netizen who hardly used social software such as Facebook and instagram. But after experiencing tiktok personally, he found that the app developed in China was like opium, especially for young people in the United States.

Then, by analyzing why tiktok is successful in the United States and can attract a large number of young people, it spreads in the United States like a new coronavirus, which leads to his second level of logic - that is, besides people like pictures more than words, and tiktok is easy to operate and can even use idiots, it is also because of tiktoks Ai based algorithm -- tiktok will collect information User data, customized personalized content for users.

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

Then, based on tiktoks AI algorithm, Ferguson drew the core point of his article, that is, tiktok is the Opium that poisons American young people, and it is also a kind of imperialist ambition of Chinese Communists to rule the world.

In terms of the Opium theory, his argument is not new. He said that AI algorithm caters to users, and users can give them whatever they want, so its harm is no less than cocaine. Moreover, he also blamed tiktok on tiktok, which is used by some illegal elements in the United States to harass young people and women. To a certain extent, it is connected with some people in China The argument that Luoyu is opium poisoning young people is the same.

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

What is really absurd is Fergusons argument that tiktok is Chinas imperialist ambition. His specific way of discussion is to enlarge tiktok from a concept category of mobile app to an AI technology from China, and then from the perspective of Chinas AI technology, to elaborate his argument.

1. He believes that Chinas actions in a series of events such as Taiwan and Hong Kong this year show that China does not just want to be partial.

2. He mentioned that some Chinese scholars have recently written that the world imperial order constructed by the United States is shaking, and that this shows Chinas ambition to replace the United States.

3. He believes that Chinas Internet values are completely different from those of the western free world, and claims that AI technology is applied in China in the scenario of big brother like Orwell is watching you. Moreover, many AI technology enterprises in China listen to the Chinese government.

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

He also nervously expressed here that those who thought that China, an illiberal civilization, could not defeat the West was wrong, because China had launched a Cultural Revolution in the United States through tiktok, which made young people in the United States begin to call their parents racists on tiktok.

(screenshot from Fergusons article on the blog)

The above is the logical origin of Fergusons view that tiktok is Chinas imperialist ambition.

People like Ferguson and his views full of ideology and cold war color are the ideological root of the hostility of the United States and even the western world to China. In the eyes of these people, Chinas civilization and political system are barbarians and communism is a kind of heresy. Therefore, the stronger China is in the international arena, the stronger its influence is, especially in the Western Folk level, the more afraid they will be whether we, the barbarians, will enter the GATT or destroy their civilized world, So the more vigilant and anxious we are, the more mindless we become.

(the picture shows that two days ago, a US politician claimed that Korean pop music and Japanese animation were also Chinese invasion of American culture, making Korean and Japanese netizens confused.)

But we Chinese dont think so. We have always hoped that the civilizations of the East and the west can work together to eliminate this prejudice and find the prospect and consensus of mutual coexistence, even if some western political forces have been pushing us towards the line of confrontation.

However, when you see an academic background of Harvard, Oxford and Stanford University who can write such absurd and biased articles, the astonishing narrowness also makes people worry about whether the prospect can be realized.

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Tiktoks adventure in the United States

On August 6th, Trump signed the presidential executive order, setting a 45 day deadline for the tiktok overseas version of TikTok. After 45 days, U.S. individuals or entities will be prohibited from engaging in any transaction with tiktok, wechat and its Chinese parent company. However, what does the so-called transaction really mean is not specified in the administrative order.

Washington Post: it may mean that Americans cant work for tiktok, or apple store and Google store cant download tiktok. We dont know what that means.

Recently, Trumps threats to Chinas national security have been repeatedly claimed by trump.

On July 29, tiktok CEO Mayer responded that tiktok was registered in the United States, and all the top management of the company was held by Americans. All data of U.S. users were stored in the database in Virginia, USA, and only had backup in Singapore. Tiktok has never and will not provide user information to the Chinese government.

He also said that in order to prove his innocence, he is willing to show the core algorithm of tiktok data collection to the US Foreign Investment Commission, which is responsible for the supervision of foreign enterprises.

Tiktok U.S. General Manager papas: our mobile app is the most secure, we know how to do the right thing... Tiktoks 1500 employees work hard every day to create 10000 jobs in the United States in the next three years.

In August 2017, TikTok entered the US market, and then the parent tiktok of the chattering company bought the short video sharing website in the US for 1 billion US dollars. Musical.ly The next year Musical.ly A new version, tiktok TikTok, is now released, and its customers are mainly young people.

In just three years, tiktok has become popular in the United States, with an annual growth rate of 376%. In Japan, Brazil, Russia and other countries, tiktok also ranked first in the local app store and Google play downloads.

Born in 1990, Zach king is one of tiktoks best-known bloggers, with more than 45 million followers following him. He uses video editing on tiktok to make the work look like magic.

Tiktok blogger Zach King: what we see is a new style of humor, which is different from painting on vine or long videos on YouTube. Its a culture of expression packages. People create emoticons according to their preferences. What I like about it is that if you look at these short videos carefully, you will find that there is deep humor in them. It is a trend.

Tiktoks user base is mainly millennials like Zach king, as well as younger generation Z teenagers.

Jitter users: tiktok must vote in November so that we can drive Trump away.

Tiktok: I want to vote for Biden.

According to Pew Research Center statistics, compared with the last US election in 2016, the average age of voters in this years US election is lower. Especially among white voters, the proportion of millennials and generation Z who love playing tiktok has increased significantly.

On June 16, a user launched an initiative on tiktok calling on people not to attend the trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, four days later.

Tiktok user: I suggest all those who want to see 19000 seats empty, grab tickets now and dont show up. What do you think of this idea?

The initiative immediately received more than 2 million endorsements and a large number of retweets, and tens of thousands of tiktok users showed videos on social media that they had snatched tickets for the rally but did not intend to go to.

In the end, the attendance rate of the trump campaign rally was less than 33%, and trump was furious at the large number of vacant blue seats in the venue.

One month later, tok banned trump.

Tiktok user: I dont think its a coincidence. After the election rally in Tulsa was ruined, trump suddenly banned tiktok.

US President Trump: my friends called after they learned that I was going to ban tiktok. Their children love playing tiktok, but my friends dont like it. Because of tiktok, they cant even see their children.

According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of monthly active users of tiktok has surpassed that of twitter, instagram and snapchat, catching up with Facebook.

In May this year, after Freud, a black man, was killed by a white policeman on his knees, protests against racial discrimination broke out in hundreds of American cities. On tiktok, a forum called the life of a black man is also a life, with a total of 18.1 billion visitors.

In the United States, Facebook is the most politically influential social media platform.

As we all know, Facebooks more serious political interference behavior is that in 2018, as many as 87 million Facebook users information was obtained and maliciously used by the consulting company Cambridge analysis.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Facebook didnt do enough in 2018, which is a big mistake.

At present, as the leader of social media, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users, reaching about a third of the global audience. Zuckerberg also acquired instagram and WhatsApp, and then acquired oculus, a VR technology company.

Washington State congressman jayapar: how many competitors have Facebook copied?

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: I dont know, congressman.

In November 2018, Facebook failed to launch Lasso, a short video app. This year, instagram launched another application, reels. Whether its software pages, video editing and special effects, reels is like a fake version of tiktok.

Tiktok CEO Mayer said on his website that Facebook is a copycat that keeps copying competitors.

On August 5, on the same day that trump officially announced the ban on tiktok, facebook happened to announce that its short video sharing app reels was officially launched.

A snipe and a clam fight for each other.

For now, tiktoks biggest potential buyer is likely to be technology giant Microsoft, according to business insider. Microsoft is not only strong, but is not facing an antitrust investigation from the US Congress like Facebook, Google, Amazon and apple.

According to reports, the final acquisition price of Microsoft may be only $10 billion to $30 billion, while tiktoks market value is currently more than $75 billion. For Microsoft, this is obviously a good deal.

However, the US technology media, namely, pointed out that Microsoft has not been good at running social applications that need to face consumers. From the withered chat software MSN to Skype and LinkedIn, the performance is mediocre. Tiktok, which is acquired by Microsoft, is likely to turn from prosperity to decline and lose competitiveness.

Therefore, the Washington Post thinks that all this may be what trump wants: to let Microsoft screw up tiktok can not only help Zuckerberg and his Facebook company, but also weaken the ability of young voters to use the tiktok platform to gather strength and deal with trump.

Regarding the tiktok incident, Adam Segal / Council on foreign relations, director of the US Council on foreign relations, commented: I dont think the data of dancing for 15-year-old children have much to do with national security. Banning tiktok without concrete evidence shows the trump governments inferior response to the fact that China has risen in the field of science and technology.

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