This 40 thousand yuan family oak may be more popular than the Royal Oak family

 This 40 thousand yuan family oak may be more popular than the Royal Oak family

What is the advanced sports table?

In fact, there is no standard name for this category, so it is not very intuitive to call it advanced sports table. However, there is a standard template for this classification: Abbey Royal Oak.

Genta style design, tough with some mellow, simple and clear design, focus on functionality, the basic all steel material, integrated watch chain structure case These elements make up this unique category and make it distinct from traditional sports watches such as diving watch and chronograph.

The official price is 39900 yuan. What do you think of the price?

The popularity of Aibi Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus in China has been a phenomenon level performance. The shortage of supply is the normal situation in this market segment, which also makes many brands want to take a share in it. For example, the Earl polo of a few years ago; the laureato laureate series of Zhibai; the Chopin alpineeagle, which was redesigned last year; and even Langer, who has always only made precious metal watches, has also launched Odysseus, an all steel wristwatch.

Such a trend has become more and more intense. This scene is very similar to the period when domestic SUVs were just popular. First, high-end brands became popular, and then middle and low-end brands gradually joined in, finally realizing the national SUV environment. The top brands such as Huang oak and Nautilus are hard to find. The addition of Langer, Earl and Chopin also makes the advanced sports watch still very high-end. For most consumers, it is still the flower of kaolin. IWC once launched a series of engineers with such characteristics. Now it can be said that its appearance is magnificent, and the pricing is in line with the brand positioning. Unfortunately, it was not born at the right time. At that time, it was not as popular as imperial oak, but died on the beach.

If the IWC engineer launches the new product as it is, will you buy it?

It is in such an environment that we see the appearance of br05 series of burrace.

It is believed that many people will notice the difference between this new series and the previous berless watch when they see the br05 series for the first time. In terms of design, burrace has made a lot of big changes in the original design to make br05 present many advanced sports table features. It is totally different from what we have known in the past, whether it is the Royal Oak or the Nautilus, but it can make people think of them all at once, and this experience is quite unique.

Different from the general br series, the head shoulder pads are added on both sides of the head (similar to br03-92diver). After the surface drawing and corner polishing of the whole case and the watch ring, a shell type with berless gene and advanced sports watch style is completed.

The dial part of the dial is not a dial with a three-dimensional pattern, but a simple sun textured dial, black, gray and blue. The dial scale adopts the combination of the three-dimensional stick time scale and the Arabic numeral scale with berless style, and the middle of the time scale is filled with super luminova luminous material. The pointer also adopts the round head stick pointer, which is unified with the overall style, and the middle is also filled with luminous material.

We can see the br-cal.321 automatic up chain movement based on sellitasw-300. The design of this movement pendulum is more ingenious, between visible and invisible, which satisfies peoples desire to peep at the movement, and does not expose the movement in large area, which is not good-looking.

There are 14 wristwatches in br05 series. In addition to the black, grey and blue faces of the basic model, there are also more radical hollow out panel options, as well as red gold between black faces and red gold with black faces. However, in view of Gentas concept of integrated case steel watch, all steel is our most noteworthy style. Patek Philippe and Aibi, also based on the all steel foundation, developed their own huge Nautilus and imperial oak series, so someone said, Nautilus will buy all steel. It is also out of this understanding.

Whether you like the br05 or not, at least we can see a good beginning and a good trend, just like SUV gradually released to the market. In a few years, we should be able to see more and more people-friendly brands launch this kind of wristwatch, so that advanced sports watch can completely remove the word advanced and become a watch type that everyone can afford to consume.