This summer will wear tofu shoes huge fire show leg length

 This summer will wear tofu shoes huge fire show leg length

However, this time, Tina wants to share a good-looking and versatile tofu shoes with the cute kids. Hasnt she heard of it before? Lets take a look!

When I first heard about tofu shoes, I was also confused. Later, I found out that they were shoes with the same color and comfortable foot feeling as tofu.

So today, Tina has sorted out three good-looking tofu shoes. Lets see how to make clothes with them!

If you are not tall enough, you can take the heel directly. This kind of small white shoes with thick soles have been popular for a long time. Even if it is matched with yoga pants, there is no sense of disobedience.

Sweet Department girls can also use cardigan with short skirt, with yellow bag to echo the color of half skirt, fresh and bright, let you get a good mood every minute.

This year saw more short skirt + small knitting combination, change into a long skirt is more gentle, skirt slit design is also the heart of the machine, provocative in invisible.

Tina thinks that high top canvas shoes are also essential, and there are not so many limitations in matching. For example, the combination of white T + wide leg pants is simple and daily.

Or with a blue cardigan with tight jeans, because the tone above is lighter, so the foot with a pair of white high top shoes, let the whole look more refreshing.

This kind of retro sports shoes are very suitable for increasing the overall leisure feeling. Its OK to match the long skirt. If the temperature difference between day and night is large, you can also add a denim coat on the outside, which makes you feel like a woman.

Or prepare a sweater coat is also enough for all kinds of things. You can choose basic white T as the base and light green shorts for embellishment. It has the taste of street American style.

With retro sports shoes with a skirt is also surprisingly good-looking, the upper body is a white T-shirt, and then put the T-shirt into the skirt to create a waistline. The black and white color matching is classic and durable enough.

If its a complete set, its more convenient. You dont need to consider any collocation. Step on a pair of retro sneakers directly, you can go out and easily handle your daily look.

The fake two pieces of dress are white + Beige stitching, the style is atmospheric and simple, and a pair of Grandmas shoes echoing with the skirt are worn on the feet, which has the visual feeling of Korean girls.

When matching pants, choose grandmas shoes which are similar to the color of pants to make the transition more harmonious. The upper body is small fragrant knitted short sleeves. This set of look is very suitable for the capable female employees.

Seeing this, the cute ones should also know what tofu shoes are. Sometimes the popular things are changing. If we feel too tired to catch up with them, we can use them to play with new patterns in limited pieces.

OK, thats all for todays tofu shoes sharing. After finishing todays content, Tina thinks that the white grandmas shoes are very versatile, and they can be matched with skirts in autumn. Basically, its OK to wear them for three seasons.

What pair of shoes do you usually wear? You can share them in the message area