The general secretary came to our new village

 The general secretary came to our new village

It is difficult to travel, to eat, to go to school, to see a doctor, to marry a daughter-in-law These difficulties have long troubled 129 villagers in banyan village. In 2016, the fifth and sixth groups of laobanyan village were included in the relocation plan for poverty alleviation.

At that time, the road was not hardened, and the general secretary came to the village in the mud. Su Jiangning, then the first secretary in the village, said.

Guarantee quality and quantity, let villagers move into new houses

When the general secretary came, the main project of the relocation house in banyan village had been basically completed, and the supporting facilities were under construction. Su Jiangning recalled, the general secretary is very concerned about the quality of the relocated house, the infrastructure of the new village and the life of the villagers after the relocation. He looked and inquired carefully. He thought it thoughtful.

In October 2015, Su Jiangning, who works in the Department of land and resources of Qinghai Province (now the Department of natural resources), came to banyan village as the first secretary.

The fifth and sixth groups of banyan village are located in the depth of 2700 meters above sea level. Grandfathers and grandmothers eat with buckets, and parents carry water with their shoulder poles. Our generation uses donkeys to carry water. We never dreamed of drinking tap water! Villager LV Youjin said.

That day, the general secretary came to our new village. I turned on the tap and put two buckets of tap water for the general secretary to see. LV Youzhang, a villager, recalled, the general secretary was happy to say that the water, electricity and communications in the new village are all convenient, and I hope that the villagers will have a better life.

Knowing that the general secretary was coming, the villagers drove down from the mountain. They had no time to wipe off the sweat and rain on their faces, clapped their hands and said hello to the general secretary.

The general secretary took the old mans hand and inquired about the old mans physical condition with concern. He also said to the villagers around him: I intended to see you in the mountains, but its hard to walk on rainy days. So Ill come to the new village to see you..

The general secretarys speech is kind and simple, and the villagers are around him. Its lively! Su Jiangning recalled.

We should fully solicit the opinions of the masses of farmers

They set up a poverty alleviation team for the whole village. We have to visit 20 or 30 households every day, whether its windy or rainy.

Moving down the mountain is undoubtedly a good thing, but the villagers are worried about it. After moving down the mountain, the land is gone. What do we live on? Its too far from the bottom of the mountain to plant land. We have been used to living in the mountains for generations, and we are reluctant to leave

Su Jiangning went up the mountain and visited every family.

On that day, the general secretary said during his inspection in the village that migration and relocation is an effective way to overcome poverty. We should fully solicit the opinions of farmers and let them participate in the planning of new villages. Su Jiangning said, we select villagers representatives to supervise the quality of the project; before choosing the house type, the village specially rented a bus to take the villagers out to observe, and the house type is decided by the villagers.

The general secretary also stressed in particular that everyone should settle down and all poverty alleviation measures should be followed up to promote production. Su Jiangning told reporters that according to the general secretarys requirements, in order to let the villagers who moved down the mountain have something to do and make money, the village organized everyone to participate in technical training and support the development of planting and breeding industry with one family and one policy.

LV Zhiwei, 57, was out of poverty after moving down the mountain for a year. A subsidy of 1200 yuan per mu of land for conversion of farmland to forest; 5400 yuan of poverty alleviation industrial funds can be obtained for pig raising of poor households in the east of the village; 2500 yuan of bonus can be paid to each household for photovoltaic power generation every year; 18 mu of land has been transferred by my family, and there is grain subsidy every year!

Lu Zhiweis son and daughter-in-law work in the provincial capital, earning 70000 yuan a year; her daughter graduated from university and became a lawyer; her wife works in panxiu garden in the village, earning more than 7000 yuan a year. LV Zhiwei cant spare time. He can earn 450000 yuan a year by operating feed. He also served as the director of banyan new village affairs management committee, mainly responsible for helping villagers solve specific problems encountered in production and life.

Su Jiangning and the poverty alleviation task force also established meat donkey breeding cooperatives to develop and expand the village collective economy. Donkey meat can be sold to restaurants, and skin can be sold to Shandong to make donkey hide gelatin.

Protecting national, regional and cultural characteristics and features

Next to the village committee is a traditional courtyard with the characteristics of Tu nationality. Here is panxiu garden in banyan village. As a national intangible cultural heritage, panxiu has become a new industry for villagers to increase their income.

During his inspection, the general secretary stressed that the construction of new villages should be combined with the development of production and employment promotion, with the improvement of basic public services, and with the protection of ethnic, regional and cultural characteristics and styles. Ban Yan village Party branch secretary Li Chengying said.

Panxiu garden was built by us with 3 million yuan of national targeted poverty alleviation fund. The average annual income of women in the village is 6000 yuan, and the maximum annual income is 17000 yuan. Yuan Guangping, the current first secretary, said.

Happy Farmhouse, green in the greenhouse The village level collective economic income was only 5000 yuan in 2017 and 250000 yuan in 2019. The liquor distilling workshop and highland barley wine industry alone increased the income of 30 villagers by 30000 yuan.

There are many ways to increase income, and everyones enthusiasm is more and more sufficient.

LV yourongs youngest son used 160 mu of land to grow potatoes and loaned 400000 yuan to cultivate on the hillside. Now there are more than 100 sheep and more than 60 cattle. In summer, he still runs a happy farm at home.

Thanks to Secretary yuans help, the loan went smoothly. Yongqing, LV yourongs daughter-in-law, said, this years potato harvest, 70 tons, sold 70000 yuan. Ill sell some more cattle in a few days

In 2019, LV yourongs family was awarded the honor of poverty alleviation, and the prize was an agricultural tricycle worth 19000 yuan.

By the end of 2017, banyan village was lifted out of poverty ahead of schedule. The per capita annual income of villagers increased from 2600 yuan in 2015 to 10574 yuan in 2019. Yuan Guangping said, the general secretary has said more than once that happiness comes from struggle. The changes in our banyan village have fully proved this.

The general secretary was concerned about banyan village. At the end of September 2019, Niao Chengyun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial Peoples Congress and Secretary of Haidong municipal Party committee, came to banyan village to convey the cordial greetings and earnest expectations of the general secretary.

The general secretary encourages our grassroots poverty alleviation cadres and villagers to continue to roll up their sleeves and work hard together. Yuan Guangping said, only if we do not slack off and relax, can we be worthy of the general secretarys entrustment!

The experience of working in banyan village is precious. Su Jiangning said, although I have returned to work in my original unit, I will try my best to continue to contribute to poverty alleviation.