Xu Qing looks like a princess in a light blue dress with curly hair

 Xu Qing looks like a princess in a light blue dress with curly hair

Solid color clothing can also wear a full sense of fashion:

Therefore, we might as well choose the design with rich fabric when matching the solid color dress. With the growth of age, women will become more and more unsure about their own body, but as long as they integrate chiffon and tulle in the satisfactory parts, they can show the advantages of their body, so as to set off a more perfect body shape.

Different saturation of blue wear on the body effect is completely different:

However, in terms of color selection, we should not be too limited. It is true that many young women like light blue, but in fact, mature women can also match it to make them look younger and full of Fairy Spirit. Compared with the very dark blue, the skin color can be bright and white.

The curly hair style is very suitable for mature women to match, which can show a full sense of high-level. When we wear a dress to attend a large-scale event, if we want to curl up our hair, we should not choose the ball head which is common in our life. We can integrate the design of braided hair into the curled hair, which will have the aesthetic feeling of court style, and make the nobleness and elegance of women fully highlighted.

What kind of make-up should summer match?

If the color of the dress itself is relatively light, then the makeup of nude color can make the whole person look pure and atmospheric, but if the color of the clothes is very bright, and the color saturation of the makeup is too low, it will appear pale, so the positive red or reddish brown lipstick will be more suitable for matching than the bean paste milk tea color.

Black lace full of the whole dress can make the skirt look more exquisite atmosphere, although the small black skirt is the most common female wardrobe, but many small black skirt design is too simple, wearing on the body is particularly boring.

Women can choose a black dress with lace or embroidery and printing design in the same color to highlight the full charm and aesthetic feeling and look full of highlights.

Cheongsam is really one of the clothes to start with

Cheongsam can well highlight the classical charm and amorous feelings, but many people think that cheongsam is not suitable for life, so we try to choose the dark color as the main tone, so that even if the fusion of bright color embroidery patterns will not appear fancy. Now many cheongsam will be combined with modern tailoring, so women can rest assured and bold choice, wearing on the body can better show the advantages of the body.

Shirt as a common style is difficult to wear a different fashion aesthetic feeling, so we might as well choose a shirt dress in which the color of fresh girl will be more young. Because the shirt dress version is more loose, if you pursue comfort, you can match it directly. But if you want to make yourself look straight, you might as well wear a belt, wearing the effect will be better.