The vehicles parked on the roadside were towed away by community trucks selling waste products and police intervened

 The vehicles parked on the roadside were towed away by community trucks selling waste products and police intervened

In this regard, Mr. Wang believes that the community side and the vehicle clearing party have no right to dispose of their own vehicles, and the waste recycling station does not have the right to force the scrapping of vehicles. He said that it is a fact that his vehicle has not been subject to annual review this year. It is also true that there is no license plate and improper parking. However, these matters should be managed by the traffic police department, not the community and the vehicle clearing and transportation party. He accepts the fine or how the traffic police department should handle it.

At present, the Jiangbei police station of Bazhou District branch of Bazhong Public Security Bureau is investigating the matter.

Mr. Wangs car was demolished

Lost the car?

The car on the side of the road is missing

At about 5:00 p.m. on August 5, Mr. Wang, who came home from work, found that his car on the side of the road opposite the rental house on Jiangbei Avenue in Bazhong City was missing. My first reaction was to be dragged away by the traffic police. He said.

Later, Mr. Wang hurriedly contacted the traffic police, who said there was no Trailer. He contacted the city management again, they also said there was no Trailer..

However, through the phone call from Mr. Shi, Mr. Wang contacted the other party to pick up the car, but to his surprise, he arrived at the scene and saw his own vehicle demolished in a large metal waste recycling station. He was immediately dumbfounded. When I got to the scene, the dashboard, the seats and the bumper were all removed. Mr. Wang immediately called 110 to report to the police and took video and photos to keep his ID card. The next day, he also called 12315 to complain and complained to the Bureau of Commerce.

On August 6, Mr. Wang told Red Star news that he bought the car from a friend in February this year. At that time, he spent 51000 yuan on the front bumper. In addition, the car is in good condition and there is no overhaul.

My original plan was to replace the bumper and drive it back to my hometown, but I was so busy that I had to fix it before I could fix it. He said that about a month ago, he parked his car on the opposite side of the road where he rented his house, which was convenient for him to commute to and from work, and also allowed his family to see it and be afraid of being stolen by others.

Car sale agreement

Why sell cars?

Truck drivers claim to be community volunteers

Drag and sell zombie cars to earn money for water and food

After the incident, the local Jiangbei police station has been involved in the investigation. He was still waiting for the results of the investigation, but to his surprise, on the morning of August 7, when he was waiting for a friend near baiyuntai (small place name) in Bazhong City, he found that a silver gray car loaded by a truck was very similar to the one he had been sent to the waste station. Once again, the license plate of the truck is the truck that tow ones own car..

Signs of transport vehicles

At the scene, Mr. Wang asked the truck driver why they still transferred the car and questioned the drivers transfer evidence after his vehicle had been towed to the waste station before, but he had already called the police on August 5.

In response, the driver explained that he was a volunteer of jiangbeitai community in Jiangbei street, Bazhong City, because Bazhong created culture and cleaned up zombie vehicles. You dont have a license plate, you dont leave a phone, you stop at the bus stop for more than a month and you dont drive away. When the zombie car is disposed of. Said the driver.

Mr. Wang asked, why do you sell your cars to a scrap station?

The driver said that in order to do these things, the community doesnt give itself money, and the trailer needs expenses such as manpower and fuel costs. We only rely on this to make money for water and food.

The driver also explained that the trailer was called on by the community. They had specific people to connect with the community, and then contacted their responsible person to the scene.

Because the location of the vehicle on the scene was not within the jurisdiction of Jiangbei police station in Bazhou District, the police coordinated on the spot, and the matter was later handed over to the Jiangbei police station in the area where the incident occurred.

Later, the Red Star News reporter went to the waste recycling station at 39 Jiazui Lane behind Bazhong prison and found the dashboard and bumper inside Mr. Wangs vehicle. For this matter, the owner of the waste recycling station said that the police investigation shall prevail.

On the afternoon of August 7, Jiangbei police station asked truck drivers to transport the vehicles back to the waste collection station.

Mr. Wangs car was carried back by the clearing vehicle

Community response

The community admits to letting people tow

At noon on August 7, the Red Star News reporter and Mr. Wang found Chen Mou, the document of fojiang community.

He said that the community called for the trailer, but they didnt ask them to take the car to the scrap Station and dismantle it.

Later, the Red Star News reporter and Mr. Wang went to baiyuntai community office, and found Mr. Shi, Secretary of fojiang community (the new office of the community is still under renovation, and is still working in the original jiangbeitai community).

Mr. Shi told Red Star news that due to the needs of Bazhongs creative work, there are requirements for cleaning up zombie vehicles on the roadside.

Not long ago, I received a phone call, they said they could do the work of clearing and transporting zombie vehicles, so they agreed.

Mr. Shi said he didnt care too much about this.

Are they community volunteers?

For the matter of trailer, Mr. Shi admitted that the trailer was called by himself, but he said I dont know about it.

Subsequently, the Red Star News reporter went to Jiangbei police station, the police introduced that this matter is under investigation.

Car owners query

Improper parking should be handled by traffic police

How can I deal with my car without permission

At present, what makes Mr. Wang most angry is that the community has found someone to tow the car. He didnt tell himself. Whats more, he sent the metal scrap purchasing station to dismantle the car without his permission.

Its my private property. Why do they deal with my car without permission? Mr. Wang said.

He said that it is a fact that there is no annual review for cars this year, and that there are no license plates and improper parking. These things should be managed by the traffic police department, not the community. He accepts that whether the traffic police department should carry out a fine or how to deal with them is one aspect of the problem. On the other hand, after the trailer is towed, the community should find a place to park Even if the car does not have a license plate or a telephone, because of the needs of Chuangwen (creating a civilized city), it can also connect with the traffic police. The owner of the vehicle can be obtained through the inquiry of the vehicle frame number, instead of being sent directly to the metal waste collection station.

Even if its a traffic police trailer, its time to find a place to park and call the owner to pick up the car. The car cant be damaged. If its damaged, compensation should be made. Mr. Wang said.

And the other side of the trailer after the sale of cars, not to mention Mr. Wangs permission. In this regard, Mr. Wang said, it is not clear whether it is the selling out of the community staff or the private behavior of the trailer pullers..

In addition, the place to deal with waste vehicles is not the business scope of waste metal recycling station, but a formal company dealing with scrapped vehicles must have relevant qualifications. Mr. Wang said that according to the relevant regulations, the recycling station of waste metal has no right to dispose of scrapped vehicles, and the waste recycling station should be punished for disposing of scrapped vehicles without permission. This is why he has to call 1231 5. The reasons for complaints by telephone and to the Bureau of Commerce.

Red Star News reporters learned that on the afternoon of August 7, Mr. Wang went to the mediation room of Jiangbei police station to participate in the mediation of the matter, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement.

Red Star News reporter Zhang Yang photography Report

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