Won the star, this beauty makeup fan angry I did not!

 Won the star, this beauty makeup fan angry I did not!

Between the parking position and the Chinese restaurant cruise ship, there is a long hundred steps. Facing the scorching noon sun, as long as you go on a trip, the whole person will be sweating, not to mention the chef carrying nine pieces of luggage alone, so tired that the store manager Huang Xiaoming has to take heat stroke medicine!

However, for the stars, the real test is still the moment of taking off the sunglasses!

After looking at this group of contrast pictures, xiaomingge, who took off her makeup to almost plain complexion, turned her double eyelids into single eyelids, and her delicate skin turned red and yellow unevenly. Her hard, sharp and angular eyebrows disappeared, which was almost unrecognizable.

Without the close guard of the makeup artist. They also have the same common vexation!

Today we will give your make-up support, so that your make-up in this fatal season can also be irrefutable!

Water, let the base make-up closer to the skin!

The skin secretes too much oil will reduce the feeling of pulling out, creating an illusion that the skin is not short of water. In fact, most of the skin is in the state of water shortage! It will make the cuticle of the skin become uneven, produce more wrinkles, and oil, so it is difficult for the skin to fit perfectly with the base makeup, and naturally it will fall off very quickly!

When the skin has enough moisture, it will become particularly full, and the cuticle layer on the surface will be relatively flat. Imagine, which kind of makeup effect will be more perfect on a balloon and an orange? The answer is self-evident!

Although it can restrain the moisture and oil of the skin, it can not separate the oil and water from the skin!

Sharp tools make good work! If there is no makeup foundation solution suitable for your skin, it will soon give you a lesson in the scorching sun, hot, humid and hot season, and tell you what it is called makeup for one hour, five minutes for makeup.

ESTELAUDER Estee Lauder DW makeup makeup liquid foundation 410 yuan

GIVENCHY Givenchy Gao Ding Heng Yan makeup makeup foundation liquid 445 yuan

LANCME Lancomes new makeup make-up liquid foundation is 420 yuan.

MAYBELINE Maybelline SuperStay giant makeup makeup foundation liquid 189 yuan

This method is effective for skin test. Its really suitable for oily and sweating girls! Facing the scorching sun to work, after work and sister about a cup, even if such a marathon foundation makeup test, 502 foundation makeup method can also easily deal with!



Squeeze the bottom makeup into the palm of your hand, and use about 4 pumps around the makeup spray and the bottom makeup to fully integrate.



Baking fixed makeup method, even Jingtian said good!


After putting on the base make-up, choose a cotton pad with stronger powder grabbing power, dip it in a large amount of powder, and gently pat it on the cheek, nose, alar, forehead, chin, etc.


Let the powder stay on the face for 3-5 minutes, and let the temperature make the powder fully combine with the skin.

After 3-5 minutes, use a large powder brush to clean up the excess powder. In this way, the baking fixed makeup method is completed, and the makeup at this time will have a very high-level skin grinding, soft burnt feeling. After fixing makeup in this way, its easy and effortless to bring makeup for 10 hours!

Sandwich fixed makeup method


First of all, after the end of skin care, the first layer of honey powder should be applied. When the honey powder fits perfectly with the skin, the skin will be in a delicate and Matt state.



After finishing the make-up, dip in the appropriate amount of powder with a powder brush, and gently sweep the oil prone parts of the skin. In this way, the sandwich fixed makeup method between powder and powder is completed!

The fixed makeup method that makes the base make-up so firm is especially matched with the hot summer.

Many peoples facial skin each area of the oil state is different, for example, many peoples sweat glands or sebaceous glands will be widely distributed in the nose, at this time, it is necessary to upgrade the local fixed makeup force again, so that the skin of special parts has stronger makeup holding power, and this method will not bring burden to the skin of other areas.


Use a small powder brush, dip in the oil control and make-up powder on the nose in a circular way.


Use skin oil control base cream, apply it on the nose swept with powder, and then apply a layer of powder on the nose in a circular way.


After watching so many step-by-step, well-established makeup rules, here, if you are the God of color makeup, you must want to play something different!

This method was invented, and its beauty bloggers rated it as zero pore, super fit, huge lasting fixed makeup method.

Then, prepare a bottle of pure moisturizing spray (or mineral water) to spray the whole face, then use the minimum gear of the blower to dry the face water at the most comfortable distance. Repeat the process 2-3 times.

Next, use the fixed spray to spray the face wet, then use the baking makeup makeup makeup, blow dryer to repeat the procedure 2~3 times until the makeup state is satisfied.

There are many steps, but it is worth trying for the effect.

Fixing makeup with ice water

In accordance with the previous methods for skin makeup, you can spray some makeup spray before putting on makeup. Then use a large powder brush dipped in a large amount of powder, daub on the whole face.

Prepare a basin of ice water, let the face covered with fixed makeup powder fully soak in ice water for 30 seconds, then use a paper towel to dry the water, and then set the makeup with ice water.

Effective, interesting and practical ways to fix makeup on the market are shared with you today! If you are also a severe summer off makeup patients, makeup enthusiasts, whether it is word of mouth or experimental nature of the abnormal make-up method, it is worth a try!

You have less makeup than the stars!