Prefabricated building plate breaks out, capital has been distributed northward (attached list)

 Prefabricated building plate breaks out, capital has been distributed northward (attached list)

Prefabricated building refers to the factory prefabrication, on-site assembly of the building, which is commonly referred to as the building block type. Compared with the traditional buildings, prefabricated buildings from the front-end design to construction, decoration and other aspects are more emphasis on standardization, modularization, and higher efficiency.

Recently, the guidance on promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and construction industrialization jointly issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other 13 departments pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and promote the establishment of specialized, large-scale and information-based production system based on standard components.

According to the several opinions on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction issued by the State Council, we should strive to make the proportion of prefabricated buildings account for 30% of new buildings by 2025.

According to the data, in 2019, 420 million square meters of prefabricated buildings will be started in China, an increase of 45% compared with that in 2018, accounting for about 13.4% of the newly built building area.

Guosheng Securities said that at present, the average assembly rate of prefabricated buildings in China is only 10% - 20%, and there is still much room for improvement compared with the assembly rate of more than 50% in Europe, the United States and Japan. If the composite growth rate of new construction area in the national construction industry is 5% from 2020 to 2025, the composite growth rate of prefabricated buildings in the next five years is expected to reach 20% - 30%.

According to the calculation of intelligent research consulting, the scale of Chinas prefabricated construction market will reach more than 1.5 trillion yuan in 2025.

Golden Mantis, the leader, has three trading limits, holding 64.8 billion yuan of orders

Since July, the Golden Mantis has risen by more than 60%. As of August 10, the Golden Mantis has three plates. After hours data showed that Shenzhen Stock Exchange appeared on the Gold Mantis dragon tiger list, with a net purchase of 14.876 million yuan. In addition, Nanjing Securities Nanjing dazhongting securities business department net bought 82036300 yuan. After the business department was on the list in history, the probability of individual stocks rising on the second day was 50%, and the average profit was 0.70%.

Jintanglang is one of the first batch of national prefabricated construction industrial bases. By the end of June this year, there are still 64.8 billion yuan of unfinished orders signed in hand, which is 2.1 times of the revenue in 2019. Guosheng securities analysts predicted in the summer that Golden Mantiss annual performance would not fluctuate greatly, and external shocks would often improve the leading companies position in the industry, and the market share of Golden Mantis would further increase after the epidemic.

Which stocks still have opportunities? The benefit certainty of components and equipment is strong

Under the guidance of the government top-level design, all links of the prefabricated construction industry chain are expected to usher in development opportunities.

In terms of subdivision, CICC said that the implementation of design and decoration projects are still facing certain constraints. From the perspective of demand growth, the demand for components, equipment and decoration is expected to grow strongly. The relevant listed companies include yaxia shares (002375. SZ), jintanglang, etc.

From the perspective of industry structure, the technology of component manufacturing and tower crane leasing industry is relatively mature, and leading enterprises have established more obvious barriers, which are expected to benefit from the growth of demand. Relevant listed companies include Honglu steel structure (002541. SZ), Hengtong Technology (300374. SZ), etc.

Since July, Beishang capital has increased its holdings of 10 prefabricated construction related stocks, including 53326800 shares of Meihao real estate (000667. SZ), with an increase of 2.16%.

According to the shareholding data of Beishang capital on August 10, Beishang capital held the highest proportion of Beixin building materials (000786. SZ), followed by jintanglang, Xincheng holding (601155. SH), Meihao real estate and China Construction (601668. SH).

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