Zhang Meng wrote a super long essay in response to the elimination, sincere and affectionate, and was praised as a good writer

 Zhang Meng wrote a super long essay in response to the elimination, sincere and affectionate, and was praised as a good writer

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11. On August 11, Zhang Meng released a super long essay in response to the elimination, others are promoted by strength, and I am eliminated by strength. Zhang Meng recalled the first public performance to the fourth public performance, as well as the contact feelings with each sister. Thanks to Mr. Du Hua, Zhao Zhao, AK, brother Xiaoming, director, makeup artist Netizens exclaimed: sister Meng is the real master of carrying water.

Zhang Meng also made a vlog of the fragments of her life in sister as a memorial. It is reported that Zhang Meng was the first to agree to participate in sister of riding the wind and waves in order to get to know more actors here. However, she did not expect to go all the way to Sigong and form a deep friendship with the sisters in the program.

The full text is as follows:

A not small small small composition, for this summer and future 80 years old oneself

Its been some time since the last recording. After watching the farewell issue in the dormitory, I realized that my journey in sister riding the wind and waves was really over. Yes, my four gongs were eliminated. Other sisters were promoted by strength, while I was eliminated by strength.

In fact, it was totally unexpected that I could make it to Sigong all the way. My singing and dancing were not outstanding in my sisters, so I cherish every public performance and regard it as my last performance.

I still remember the first public performance, I was a thorough new person, or the kind from the village. I dont know what a womens troupe is. I dont know how to sing and dance. I cant even do the seven member troupes regular performance. The whole person is confused. At that time, I thought aribati was the most difficult dance in the world! But now looking back, my God, aribati may only be regarded as the most elementary content for a womens group to learn.

Compared with dancing, I was more surprised that the first public performance was so cruel that six sisters were eliminated. At that time, I felt uneasy and sad. It turned out that this program was really fun! Moreover, there was almost no room for breathing. Everyone immediately entered the second public performance, as if to tell each of us: this stage is to fight.

In the second public performance, I was divided into a group with Shengyi and Jingjie. Before I saw a lot of netizens said, this must be a group of special affairs mother, but I was very happy when I was assigned to this group. The three of us are actors, and we have a similar understanding of the song. On that night, the three of us had a meeting with the director and had an unprecedented consensus. We immediately agreed on the direction of the song girls and quartet.

What is particularly funny is that during the meeting, the director also asked me: Meng Meng, can you play a bad woman? I said, of course, Im a bad woman in settling down. Didnt you choose me because of this? The director said, no, its because I saw the demo of your solo show. At that time, I realized that we sisters had also passed the audition!

When I got to the stage, I felt what it was like to be a group soul from the girl and the Quartet. In this performance, I tried the dolphin sound, which I had not explored in the past 30 years. I also found the state of enjoying the performance and letting go of myself. I became particularly confident. Netizens said that it seemed as if they had seen the stepmother tea party. The magic of this stage was too strong. Netizens got to the performance we wanted to present and affirmed our efforts.

I have to say that Sangong, with the captain Meng Jia in, seems to have stepped into the world of professional womens league from an amateur member of the womens league who entertains himself. Through this performance, I found that the troupe of five may be the best configuration for the womens group. The three person group will make the stage appear a little empty. The performance and exercise of each member of the seven member group is relatively limited. The five member group is just good, and has the spirit of the group, and can fully show itself.

Of course, taking a step towards professional womens groups means higher requirements. At that time, I seemed to be 20 years younger and became an intern. I worked hard with my sisters, communicated with music and dance teachers repeatedly, and completed a very rich show. Whether its the Gothic Earl dance, the crutch dance, or the interaction between Xiaoming and me, in the mood for love is so cool and refreshing in my heart that it has made a breakthrough. Thanks to the design of the dance beauty teacher, our performance and atmosphere match perfectly. I feel that my performance has been upgraded.

When I got to Sigong (again, I didnt expect that I could go to Sigong again, my God!) On the one hand, in such a short period of time, we should not only prepare their own songs, but also cooperate with the band. In order to achieve the best effect, my new clothes is still changing its movements before going on stage; on the other hand, we are very worried about Yumikos injury, but the spirit of her performance with injury also gives us this I feel that this is inseparable from the support and trust between sisters.

For me, rap in Tianjin dialect in my new clothes is a dream come true. After the program was broadcast, many Tianjin villagers said that they were very proud to hear rap in Tianjin dialect for the first time. By the way, and my band keyboard dream Its so crazy. It seems that I had a bands summer in the elder sister riding the wind and waves. There was no fear or panic. In retrospect, I only had treasure and emotion in my heart. Therefore, although I have left now, I have no regrets.

When it comes to leaving, in fact, before every public performance, I have done enough psychological preparation for elimination. But when that moment really came, I suddenly felt in a trance and couldnt tell whether I was in the play or in the reality. Sometimes, I even feel that the greenhouse where I have been recording these months is the real world, where my sisters are my family. We go to the restaurant to eat together, go back to the dormitory together, and wake up every day with sisters.

Here, lets talk about my lovely sisters.

Yi Nengjing elder sister, the first time she met, she was fascinated by her girls appearance. Every day I get along with each other, I feel more about her gentle heart and moved by her kindness.

Sister Zhong liti is always optimistic, positive and full of vitality. Wherever she goes, she brings happiness. From her body, you can always see the trace of happiness. The elder sister said that she had not danced enough, hoped that in the future different stage, the elder sister can happily jump down.

Chen Songlings elder sister is so gentle and generous in appearance, but she is so full of air on the stage. For the first time, she made a good start for all of us and brought the first good show for the show. In order to perform, even though she was injured, she still insisted on performing in a wheelchair. She is my sister whom I especially respect.

Quiet sister, we all think she is a very big woman. But in the program, she seems to have become the most lovely class monitor in primary school. She not only studies hard, but also urges everyone to work together every day. I am really surprised by this contrast. It is also a pity in my heart that she failed to cooperate with sister Jing.

Sister Adow, in the past, only knew her beautiful face and outstanding figure. Its a pity that she hasnt seen more performances for many years. This time I returned to the stage, I not only saw the display of her personality, but also saw her warm heart. Sister, more on the stage, we want to see you perform!

Jinsha met ten years ago in myth. At that time, I only knew that she was a lovely little talented girl. In this reunion, I saw a simple and sweet side in her. We can always talk about a lot of things together, she will be generous to ask, sister, can you introduce my boyfriend? I believe that now she, more open heart, can harvest more happiness.

Zheng Xiyi, Yumiko is my treasure in my heart, little sister, strong strength, strong personality, everywhere circle powder, especially in dealing with affairs, she has special principles, thank her for her efforts with injuries, we love you!

Ding Dang once invited her to sing the theme song in our companys play. At that time, she was very fond of her golden voice. When I met her, I found that she not only had strength, but also had extraordinary efforts. Her self-discipline has always inspired us. Looking back on the days when we lived together, we were all in perfect harmony. We look forward to working together again next time!

Vance, when she was filming together, she was always quiet on the set with a smile on her face. In this program, I saw her singing, dancing, canvassing, and even the host of mango night. She gave full play to her potential. All round ace really belongs to you!

Liu Yun, a careless cute Tigress, is actually very worried about others. Although we separated early, I believe that we have more time to be good friends and sisters in private.

Wu Xin, many people say that she is too Buddha and never fight for it. But I think this kind of quality is too valuable. In the entertainment industry, there are many people who want to be on the c-spot, but not many people are willing to shine with the C-bit. I see xinxinzi, no matter stand in any position can focus, will let the audience like, come on!

Wang Zhi, we spend very little time together, but I feel shocked every time I think about it. Her solid martial arts skills, her elegant traditional beauty and her amazing voice make me yearn for it.

Yu Kewei, originally thought she was pure vocal, but she didnt expect that the dance was so powerful. Coupled with a pair of super eye-catching legs, she always had the ability to make people unable to move their eyes. I wish Yu Kewei little sister can be a group.

Hailu, I used to only know the strength of her performance, this time I got her lovely and kind. When I see her, I cant help feeling that I want to protect. Dear sister, I hope you are more and more beautiful.

Wang Likun missed the opportunity of cooperation because of inappropriate schedule. This time, she saw her extraordinary dance on the stage. Really, the first time I saw me, she was so good. I really hope to see her on more stages in the future, and I hope we can cooperate well once.

Xu Fei is also a little sister who makes me look at you with great respect. I used to know that she was cool, but this time, I heard her songs, saw her photography, and was moved by her words. Talented girls will have good luck.

Bai Bing, also from the myth of fate, at that time she was a quiet girl, ten years later, she is still very good, and added infinite light. Seeing her dancing on the stage, I believe she has found self-confidence and hopes that from now on, she can continue to shine in her work and life.

Yuan Yonglin, I would describe her as a simple and lovely soul singer. We left together from Sigong. At that time, she said that she felt like a dream. She said that her dream of womens group had not yet awakened. I think she loves this stage too much. She once said that she was about to transform behind the scenes, but changed because of this program. She will be seen from the bottom of my heart.

Huang Ling, a real singer, is a playful singer with super strength. From the unique arrangement of the room to the performance with full personality on the stage, she not only sings well in my heart, but also always has a gentle expectation for life.

Wang Feifei, before she appeared on the program, many friends told me that she liked her very much. When I saw her on the spot, I found that she really had the ability to make people change from second to second audience. As long as she stands on the stage, your eyes will definitely lock on her, and she is so popular.

Zhang Yuqi, from big sister to tie Han Han, and then to the more intelligent elder sister, her growth in the program is obvious to all. Especially after she became the team leader, every time she tried to lead everyone to pursue victory, I admire her very much. I have to say that she has done a great job!

Zhu Jingxi, I think she is the most special girl on the stage. She is full of talent and ancient spirit. Sometimes I even think she is a beauty from other stars. I know that she has written songs to Lu Han and other outstanding singers. I especially hope that we can cooperate in music in the future.

Meng Jia is a lively and interesting little sister. Even if it is not announced, I would like to ask her out to have a chat. After listening to the stories about her struggle in Korea, Im really proud of her. I hope that this program can let more people see her strength - she is really popular, and she is worthy of more popularity!

Zhang Hanyun is also a sweet and lovely sister in appearance, but this time she is really impressive. You can see her strong heart, extremely intelligent mind and unusual efforts. I hope my sister will get better and better in the future and be loved by more and more people.

Shen Mengchen, I often wonder, how did such a smart, beautiful and high EQ girl come from? This cooperation found that she has paid too much effort, and every stage has a completely new performance, which makes me like to explode.

LAN Yingying, her ability is obvious to all, she also used a little bit of effort in exchange for their own luck. In this circle, many people rely on luck, but Yingyings luck also depends on their own efforts. I like the way she tries to fight for it. Stick to yourself. You will be better.

Stephanie Lee, born for the stage, is our absolute group pet. Everyone wants to be with her in each group and hopes that she can bring a more handsome state to the performance. On the surface, she is cool and handsome, but in private, she is gentle and clever. Now I can see her expression asking me, sister Meng, do you think I can act like this? she is a kitten. Ha ha ha

Jinchen, on the surface, is a particularly extraordinary and refined beauty. But when you contact you, you will find that your sisters brain circuit is very clear. Until the last moment, you can hardly imagine that she will have any other ideas. The idea is really interesting. And every time the stage is too big! Baby comes out!

I have written so much, which is my record of my own mood, so I will not do it one by one @ sisters. I remember a reporter asked me, is there a real friendship between my sisters? I said at that time, there must be! Perhaps, our friendship in the program fermentation is limited, after all, we have to face cruel competition; but we find that we like each other more and more, and the more precious friendship will continue after the game.

At the moment of leaving, I still have a little regret, that is, I failed to thank everyone personally:

Id like to thank Mr. akenn, the tigers tearful teacher. Every time he choreographed, he would design and adjust according to the characteristics of each sister, and even insisted on adjusting and modifying until the last minute before going on stage. Each sisters dance foundation is not the same, some dance requirements are indeed very high, but he never give up, never treat anyone lightly, sincerely good for us, so that each sister can not leave regret on the stage. Thank you. Its you who give us infinite security.

Thank you, Mr. Zhao Zhao, who worked with me to form the facial expression package. Maybe we often have heated discussions because of the choice of music. But at the end of the day, I will find that professional people do professional things, and he is right in judging many problems. For every perfect presentation, he paid a lot, every time he considered was responsible for his sister and added color to the program.

Thanks and thanks to teacher kikidu. When we cant bear it, she will give us comfort and encouragement. As a sister of 30 +, she understands us very much. She will talk with us about the story of the trainee from her own major. She will cry with us and laugh with us. Thank you.

Brother Xiaoming, who came to the adventure, especially moved everyone. In the program, he will never show his talent, become a beautiful man, and treat everyone sincerely. Every time we need help, he will be the first to come to the scene, give us comfort and encouragement, so that we have a special sense of trust and dependence.

I also want to thank all the little teachers who accompany us to practice singing and dancing. In my eyes, they are still young girls, and it is not so easy to break in with their sisters at the beginning. However, they use their own strength and strong heart to make every sister wonderful, which is really amazing!

I also want to thank director Wu Mengzhi. Although she has not added her wechat, I can see the charm of a female producer and director in her body. Every time we meet for a meeting, she comes with a smile and communicates with us in a very clear way. To be honest, the show with 30 sisters is not easy to do, but she and the team have created a particularly good atmosphere for us, so that we can firmly go down even in the moment of collapse. As a producer, I admire her very much. She is my role model. Also thanks to the program group for the protection and love of each sister.

I would also like to thank those directors, screenwriters and ordinary staff who accompany us. They are very young and devoted all their energy to sister who rides the wind and waves. Countless nights, we train to a few hours, they accompany to a few hours, we have not yet got up, they started the days work early, in our lack of confidence, they will give a very positive look. See this tired thin face, I really love, they are also fighting for the dream.

Special thanks to Mr. Andys team who made me beautiful on the stage. They make my sisters so beautiful every time! And my makeup artists, Tina Zi and Longge. So many performances, we always try our best to make the shape better and the stage brighter.

I believe it may not be difficult to find another 30 sisters in the entertainment industry, but such an excellent team cannot be copied. Without their silent efforts behind the scenes, without their painstaking efforts in the program, we cant get to this day. They are the real heroes behind the scenes.

Write this super long micro blog, also want to leave oneself a memory. Its interesting to say that I always feel that I came to learn singing and dancing in the elder sister who rides the wind and waves. But since the program has been broadcast, most of the notices and invitation I have received seem to have nothing to do with singing and dancing. Some people have invited me to be a tutor, some have asked me to do training, some have arranged for me to give a speech, and even some people have asked me whether I want to take part in a comedy program? I think, I was born in Tianjin. This is the crosstalk gene of our old Tianjin people.

Looking back on the course of my sister, I have seen many shortcomings and imperfections, but I have gained more. I tried to set an example for my daughter: after every public performance, she would look at my video over and over again, and I could see the twinkling light in her eyes; from childhood to adulthood, my mother seldom praised me, but this time, she praised me from the bottom of her heart for my performance of good. Whether it is to set an example for my daughter, or as a daughter to hand over an answer sheet to her mother, I have got a special sense of achievement. Maybe I am not good enough, I will continue to work hard and continue to be better myself.

I said in the program that I hope that when I am 80 years old, I can still review this special journey; now I also hope that when I am 80 years old, I can still find this little composition which is not small at all, and recall this special summer.

I still remember that when the first episode of the program was broadcast, an 18-year-old netizen left a message saying that he wanted to grow up to 30 years old quickly, and wanted to see what he looked like when he was 30 years old. At that time, I thought, if a program can let an 18-year-old girl grow up bravely without fear of age, then this program is really meaningful. Its time to say goodbye. I hope you can fight for your dream and gain something from this article! By the way, I learned to shoot vlog for the first time. I didnt expect to leave. I didnt shoot well. I left a memorial. Love you!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395