Hydrotreating: 10 minutes, 320 km range! The first batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles independently developed and produced in Shanxi Province

 Hydrotreating: 10 minutes, 320 km range! The first batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles independently developed and produced in Shanxi Province

New hydrogen electric vehicle

Yang Yaofeng, deputy general manager of Dezhi times, introduced relevant information

This is our first work, which has passed the quality supervision and inspection of Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, the most authoritative testing institution in China, and the customers are also very satisfied. This batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles were independently developed and produced by Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yang Yaofeng, deputy general manager, introduced that during the whole epidemic period, the expert team overcame the difficulties and the whole factory staff were working overtime to produce the first batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles successfully.

On the same day of August 8, the three batch activity of Provincial Development Zone projects was held. As one of the project representatives of a batch of production, Dezhi era welcomed the on-the-spot observation of Shanxi provincial Party committee secretary Lou Yangsheng and other provincial leaders.

First batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles coming off line

With the emergence of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new energy vehicle industry is entering a new stage of accelerated development. According to Li Dezhi, chairman of the company, Dezhi era, as the local production base of new energy vehicles in Shanxi Province, has built a production base of new energy buses and special purpose vehicles with a total construction area of 220000 square meters based on the obvious advantages of Shanxi coke oven gas hydrogen production resources and cost advantages.

We and the Shanxi Federation of overseas Chinese businessmen have jointly introduced a number of scientists to set up an expert committee. Academicians Zhou Xiaoxin, academician Jian Xigao and academician Chen Jing participated in the research and development and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, involving power system, polymer materials, communication and information system and other fields. Li Dezhi disclosed that on the basis of years of technology development and accumulation, the company has nearly 100 core patent technologies in the field of fuel cell, such as high efficiency and small volume hydrogen fuel cell engine, stack pipe layout system, fuel cell end plate, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle emission optimization device.

Talking about the development prospect, Yu Zhiyuan, the general manager, is full of confidence

Yu Zhiyuan, who speaks Mandarin with a southern accent, was born in SAIC and is now the general manager of Dezhi era. In his opinion, Shanxi is a depression of automobile industry, and the construction of hydrogen energy automobile industry chain has great advantages. Shanxi has the cost advantage of electricity, which means that the cost of electrolyte hydrogen in Shanxi is leading in China. Hydrogen energy is related to coal, and Shanxi is rich in hydrogen production, which is conducive to our leading position in the country.

Yu Zhiyuan revealed that hydrogen electric vehicles can completely replace diesel vehicles, and the application scenarios include heavy-duty vehicles, urban public transport, environmental sanitation vehicles, special vehicles, etc.