Hengdian takeout: deliver food for 12 hours a day. If you ask for leave, you have to be a group performer

 Hengdian takeout: deliver food for 12 hours a day. If you ask for leave, you have to be a group performer

Chen Xin, who tried to start from group performance, thought that there were opportunities everywhere. Bole would appear sooner or later. However, the reality is somewhat bony. Under the pressure of survival, he began to take out 12 hours a day. But Chen Xin did not intend to give up, as long as you can stay here, hope may appear tomorrow..

Ask for leave to be a group show

Wearing a light blue T-shirt issued by the company, wearing a helmet and riding a motorcycle, Chen Xin, a small takeout brother, started a days meal delivery life. At more than 10:00 a.m., I usually start delivering meals without eating. Ive been working until 11:12 p.m., and Ive been out for 12 hours a day..

As the crew returned to work and the summer vacation, there were more takeout orders. There are a lot more takeout sales in recent months. Before the summer vacation, there are few orders. Only after one run, can we have another. Now there are two orders and two orders. Often we have another one before the two orders are finished. In the past day, I ran about 25, but now I can get 40 in any day. Chen Xin said.

At first, I especially wanted to be on TV. If I could be a group actor in a hot play, I could tell my family that it was my play! But after so many setbacks, I feel that Im far from being a big star. If I just rely on luck, I wont be a big star at all. Whats more, I have to work hard on my own. Chen Xin said frankly.

When there is a conflict between group performance and delivery time, Chen Xin will tell the webmaster that he has something at home or is not feeling well. In this way, he usually gets one or two days off.

Chen Xin said, delivery takes out 30 days a month and needs to work. If you want to be a group show, you have to ask for leave. The time for group performance is not fixed. I will ask the station master for leave to film when I do group performance..

Recently, Chen Xin finally received good news. In two days, he will go to the cast to do group performance.

Nowadays, with the gradual recovery of the film and television industry, as the largest film and television shooting base in China, the major production teams have successively settled in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province. Since July, 48 sets have been started to shoot and 63 sets have been prepared. Nearly 8000 horizontal drifters have returned.

During the period when Hengdian was shut down, even if there was no takeout or group performance list, it was also a rare opportunity for Chen Xin to get in touch. Chen Xin watched a lot of movies every day, learned to perform with the stars in the movies, and exchanged a line or action of actors on the screen with the old group of actors around him.

The former is a dream, the latter is survival.

Despite the low income, its hard to do group performance. Gao Rui, a staff member of the production team, said that it was very hard to do group performances at the beginning. For example, the weather is very hot now. Hengdian is mainly engaged in making costume plays. Group performers have to wear thick clothes for a whole day, and the price is not high. Generally speaking, after doing group performance for two or three years, you can get lines, and the corresponding income will rise. But this process needs to endure.

Exhausting patience is only the first step, and after a real performance, there will be more difficulties. Chen Xin told reporters that sometimes a corpse can be played all day long, and many things have to be painted on the face. It is particularly hard to get the skin in the sun, and it is not visible. There was a scene in the water before. I didnt feel much at that time. I found my feet were white after work.

Mom and dad are actually against it. They want me to find a secure job and not to be famous all day long. In fact, I know that they also love me. They dont dare to tell them when they are tired After experiencing a series of setbacks, now I feel that money is not a thing. My biggest dream is to have a line, Chen said

Its enough that the dream is still there

In Hengdian, there are many young people like Chen Xin.

Chen Jinxuan, a delivery man, told the Beijing Business Daily that because of the family environment and his own conditions, he actually understood that the probability of realizing the actors dream was zero, but it doesnt matter. I gave myself a lot of room for trial and error. As long as I persist, there is hope..

Nowadays, although more groups are preparing for filming and the demand for group performances has increased, it does not mean that the chances of group acting becoming famous will increase. Shao Jia, a film and television investor, believes that, not to mention group acting, many people who are trained in performing arts have little chance of becoming famous. Moreover, to become a famous actor requires a very high comprehensive quality. The threshold for engaging in the performance industry may be very low, but the more difficult it will be in the future.

According to Liu Chang, a film critic, in 2004, Wang Baoqiang won the nomination of best new actor in the Chinese Film Media Award for his role of silly root in no thief in the world, which made him popular. Wang Baoqiang has given too many ordinary people hope to become famous, but the reality is that there is only one Wang Baoqiang in China so far.

At 11:40 p.m., Chen Xin delivered the last meal and was ready to return to his rented house. Chen Xin shared the rent with three roommates. All of his roommates were assembly line workers in the factory and had the dream of performing. They all worked hard on the road for their bright future.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Lu Yang, intern reporter Yang Fei