Sandjos deal is down? British media: dont believe Dorothys words and United have not given up

 Sandjos deal is down? British media: dont believe Dorothys words and United have not given up

Zorks words are not credible, or very low. In July 2017, zolke said denbelle would not leave the team. Demberley joined Barca a month later; in January 2018, zolke said obamayan would never leave. That month, the Gabonese striker went to Arsenal. So Hargreaves stressed yesterday: Dorothy is just bluffing and I think Sancho will soon be part of United.

Van Persie and Scholes also agree with Hargreaves that this is just a skill of DORT negotiation and the Bundesliga team wants to ask for more money in this way. The Daily Mail also stressed that Manchester United did not withdraw from the negotiations for Sancho and that they were still working hard. DORTs attitude is very strong, and he will not let go of the price of? 108 million, while Manchester United are not willing to pay so much.

The BBC revealed: Manchester United dont think the transfer fee demanded by DORT and the salary requested by Sancho are not very practical. They are frustrated with the progress of the negotiations. However, it is not the time to deny the transaction. It is still early to close the summer window. Sky Sports said: Manchester United did not give up, Dortmund and sandjos agents have made high demands. If Manchester United negotiate directly with DORT, it should be easier In addition, the Manchester evening news confirmed the news.

DORT also released a picture of Sancho wearing a dott shirt today, and wrote: on the hour you love to see it. But in fact, United fans dont have to pay much attention to this because there are still a lot of transfers after the pre-season. After Manchester United beat Copenhagen today, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer refused to talk about Sanchos deal: I cant evaluate the players of other teams, you know, I never do that. Sky Sports claims Manchester United are still considering a loan deal from Bayern Munich, while they are not giving up Sancho.

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