Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition, and Chen Jianxin tutorial book composition similar

 Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition, and Chen Jianxin tutorial book composition similar

Its the power of the marking group to score a composition for the college entrance examination. However, I think that the marking group should be a little bit more simple. It cant be both a coach and a referee. It cant teach people how to write a composition while marking the composition for the college entrance examination at the same time. Li Weishu told the surging news, I checked the public reports, Chen Jianxin should be the leader of the composition marking group of Zhejiang college entrance examination for 21 years. He is an authority in this field. He also participated in the preparation of many books related to the composition of the college entrance examination, and gave lectures in many schools. It seems that the writing of college entrance examination has become a business, which should not be.

He said that the college entrance examination has a confidentiality discipline, and some provinces require the marking teachers to keep the contents confidential for more than a year. I believe Zhejiang also has regulations. At the same time, living on the tree and Chen Jianxins full score composition writing my life in the college entrance examination composition practical training are similar in tone and structure, and should be re examined and approved.

On the evening of the 9th, a surging journalist called Chen Jianxin to ask about his views on his participation in the preparation of the composition guidance book for the college entrance examination. He responded that I dont know about this matter.

Three in one afternoon, the official account of the WeChat public, the Trinity study guidance and Zhejiang high school language team, issued the forenoon news 10 afternoon report, which was published by the Zhejiang provincial writing society, which is a few notes on the full score storm in the composition of the College entrance examination (previously reported: the Zhejiang college entrance examination full score composition is alleged to be insider, this is framed).

Originally, it was a big discussion about the writing method of the college entrance examination composition, which could promote the composition teaching in middle school and cooperate with the new curriculum reform of Chinese. However, in the past two days, individual online articles have changed their taste and imposed some untrue words on Chen Jianxin. It is necessary to make some explanations. According to the statement, some people accused Mr. Chen Jianxin of exchanging interests with the author of the full mark composition, and even described it as teacher-student relationship. The accusation can be regarded as a frame up. Those who have participated in the marking of the composition for the college entrance examination all understand that it is only by chance that the composition can fall into the hands of Chen Jianxin, and that the marking of the whole paper is completely in line with the procedural norms.

In the explanation, the society explained the reasons for the release of full score composition and subsequent deletion: in order to promote Chinese teaching in senior high schools in Zhejiang Province, especially composition teaching, and provide an example for composition teaching in middle schools, the society agreed with teaching monthly that the teachers participating in the examination paper review of the society should provide 10 high score compositions and comment on them to the teaching monthly after the examination paper marking of the college entrance examination. The editorial office of the monthly editorial office originally planned to publish it in September, which was intended to be warm-up. At the end of August, one of the articles and comments on the official account was published, which aroused great repercussions. Later, the magazine removed the text and comments, and the rest of the articles and comments were no longer published.

Whether or not framed Chen Jianxin has the final say of the Zhejiang provincial society of writing

Its a frame up that Chen Jianxin has an interest exchange with a full score author. after reading this explanation, I thought that it came from Zhejiang Education Examination Institute, which is the competent authority of Chinese composition marking in Zhejiang college entrance examination. Unexpectedly, it was the Zhejiang writing society!

What is the relationship between Zhejiang writing society and Chen Jianxin? Why does it have to make a statement to refute Chen Jianxins query in the Chinese composition marking of the college entrance examination?

Its true that, as Zhejiang writing society said in this explanation of the full score storm in the composition of the college entrance examination, this was originally a big discussion about the writing method of college entrance examination composition. It is justified that the writing society should participate in this composition discussion.

But now netizens have extended other topics on this big discussion. As disclosed in the statement of Zhejiang writing society, some people have publicly accused Chen Jianxin of exchanging interests with the full-fledged author, even stating it as teacher-student relationship. . There are also some people on the Internet asking why Chen Jianxin has been in the important, key and sensitive position of group leader for 21 years?

These topics are originally an expression of public opinion supervision. Whether it is true or not is not the statement of any person or organization.

The college entrance examination and its marking, which is a matter of great concern to the public, must be under centralized management and supervision. This principle and principle, as a community organization of writing research in Zhejiang Province, I wonder if I understand it?

From the discussion of Full Score composition to the current big discussion of Chen Jianxins personal writing, the whole chain is related to Zhejiang writing society. It is probably in this note that Zhejiang writing society clearly states: the cooperation between the provincial writing society and the teaching monthly is proposed by the members of the association, approved by the president, and then informed teacher Chen Jianxin to join in. Chen Jianxin is not the leader. In other words, there is no close relationship between the performance of the group leader of the Zhejiang writing society and Chen Jianxin.

I can see from the official website of Zhejiang provincial education examination institute that article 6 of its main responsibilities is to be responsible for the construction of examination style and discipline of education examination in the whole province, and assist in dealing with violations of rules and regulations in examination and enrollment according to regulations. To coordinate the provincial examination and enrollment, education evaluation and publicity and public opinion supervision. Can it be understood that the matter involving Chen Jianxin should be handled by Zhejiang Education Examination Institute? I believe that the relevant departments, including Zhejiang Education Examination Institute, will seriously respond to this wave of public opinion.

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