Humels: the strongest center? Benzema is just a challenger. Levin is No.1

 Humels: the strongest center? Benzema is just a challenger. Levin is No.1

Netease sports reported on August 11:

Levian or Benzema, who is the strongest center? Dorothy humels gave his own answer, he said Benzema is only the worlds strongest center competitors, and Levin is the first one worthy of the center.

Last season in the Bundesliga League, levan scored 34 goals, although he did not win the European golden boot, but in view of the Bundesliga only 34 rounds, compared with the five major league Serie A, the Premier League, La Liga, are less than four rounds, so the average number of goals on the field, levan has more advantages.

In addition to playing well in the league, levan also has a strong performance in the Champions League. Up to now, levan has scored 13 goals in the Champions League, and he is also the best shooter in the Champions League. He is 5 goals ahead of the second place harand, and harand has been out of the Champions League. Therefore, it is not difficult for levian to win the golden boots of the Champions League.

After Ronaldo left, Benzema, the former wingman, became the first choice for Real Madrids center position, while the French also held up the Real Madrid attack day. The best scorer of Real Madrid in two consecutive seasons. Who is the strongest center in the world between levan and Benzema?

Dorothy humels gave his answer: levan has all the ability to succeed, he has been using goals to help the team, I think Benzema is just competing for the worlds number one center, but there is no doubt that in the center position, levan is the best.

It should be pointed out that Levine was a popular candidate for the Golden Globe Award in 2020. However, due to the announcement of French football that there will be no golden ball award this year, levian is very sad. In the European golden boot list, levan had 34 goals and 68 points in the first place, but in the end he was defeated by mobile and lost the European golden boot.

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