Silicone dolls also share? Disinfect, heat and lubricate in advance, starting from 200 yuan per hour

 Silicone dolls also share? Disinfect, heat and lubricate in advance, starting from 200 yuan per hour

Xinmin Evening News reporter search found

Under the banner of health massage on the Internet

In fact, it provides paid experience

These shops solicit customers through the Internet

Turning silicone dolls into sharing girlfriends

The price ranges from 200 to 4500 yuan per hour

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Silicone dolls also share?! Shanghai adult experience hall business is booming, and it is open to minors Legal expert: against public order and good customs (source: ~)

Xinmin Evening News Shanghai time

These shops are doing a lot of business

Some within half a year

The number of online sales is close to 200

And when the reporter contacts to book

On the spot interview by reporters

The reporter calls these shopkeepers to consult

Many store owners said that they would

Adult experience Pavilion operator: we provide condoms, lubricants, melon seed drinks, mineral water.

Then the reporter acted as a customer

Come to a adult experience hall on Haining Road

Its in a high-rise office building

After entering the room

The service staff will clean the baby

Apply lubricant

And heating the lower body with a heating rod

Customer experience

Another adult experience hall is hiding

In the residential area of Taiyangshan Road

The services provided are very similar

No business license

Whether it constitutes prostitution remains to be determined

But the adult experience hall in the gray area

There are many in practice

Suspected illegal operation

And the hidden danger of safety and health

First of all, almost all of them dont show their business licenses

Secondly, some stores provide overnight accommodation

According to law and order

Otherwise, it will be regarded as black hotel

It should be banned according to law

Adult experience center operator: the night package is from 11:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. it is recommended that you make an appointment as soon as possible. By evening, it may be full.

Reporter: do you want to check your ID card for the night

For privacy

These stores also usually do not verify the identity of customers

Even minors are welcome

Worrying about health

on the other hand

From private goods to shared by multiple people

And sexual contact

There is the possibility of spreading diseases

Some shops are worried about hygiene conditions

The sheets were covered with stains

There are also visible stains on the doll

Because there is no express provision

This kind of adult experience hall

At present, there is no need to obtain a health license to operate

Legal experts:

Contrary to public order and good customs

At present, it is almost blank

Is the operation of these experience halls legal?

How to ensure safety and health?

It is worth noting that the related life group buying app has previously released adult experience Pavilion push under the software novelty experience directory, but as of the press release, some apps can no longer display relevant search information.

According to surging news reports

This kind of adult experience hall

Its all over the country

Some industry and experts believe that

Long term single or long-term separation, etc

Specific groups

Addressing physiological needs

It is conducive to maintaining social stability

But there is no denying it

These experience halls

Poor health conditions are common

Several doctors said in an interview

Because sharing

Customers who use these silicone dolls

There is a risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Suggestion or need

Good disinfection and safety measures

It is still necessary for operators

Bring it into standard supervision as soon as possible

Peng Xiaohui, Professor of the school of life sciences of central China Normal University, vice president of the Chinese sexuality society and chairman of the sex education special committee of the Chinese society of sexuality, said in an interview that from the perspective of social stability, the existence of the adult experience hall can avoid many uncertain factors, such as interpersonal conflicts caused by sex, accidental pregnancy, infectious diseases and even criminal cases.

A doctor in the Department of Urology, Jintang hospital, West China Hospital, Sichuan University suggested that users should wear condoms every time they experience and check the date of disinfection marked in the shop. At the same time, he suggested that relevant health supervision institutions should also supervise and regularly test whether the products meet the hygiene requirements and issue certificates.

And netizens are interested in this new industry

It should not be suppressed

But some people think it is against the public order and good customs

And health is a big problem

What do you think of it