Barcelona or Real Madrids nightmare 17 years ago

 Barcelona or Real Madrids nightmare 17 years ago

Bayern have won the Bundesliga and the German Cup, while Barcelona have failed in the three fronts of La Liga, the Spanish Kings cup and the Spanish Super Cup. For Barcelona, with Bayern this quarter of the Champions League knockout competition is important, only win, Barca can have the possibility of winning the championship. And once lost to Bayern, Messi will also experience the 2007-2008 season after the first non crown season.

If lost to Bayern Munich, for Barcelona will certainly be a huge blow, and daily sports said, for Barcelona, there is a more painful possibility - to be eliminated by kutinho goals. Kutinho is a Barcelona player, but because there is no place in the team to play on loan with Bayern Munich and there is no avoidance clause in his loan contract, it also means that the Brazilian can play against Barcelona.

Once kutinho scores the winning goal to defeat Barcelona in this quarter elimination match, Barcelona will not only encounter a season with nothing, but also copy the nightmare of Real Madrid 17 years ago. In the quarter knockout of the Champions League in 2003, morantes, who was rented from Real Madrid, scored the winning goal to help Monaco knock out Real Madrid.

Can curtinho get a chance to play? Sports daily analysis that pericic in the left forward position of the starting probability is very high, and kutinho is very likely to play in the second half of the game. On this side, curtinho will face Roberto and Semedo.

There is a lot of talk about curtinhos future. Bayern still have the possibility to buy out kudinho, but the two premise is that kutinho has the courage to play in the Champions League, in addition, Barca will greatly reduce the price. Not only that, but there are also a lot of reports about curtinho going to the Premier League.

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