Zhang Guowei and beauty anchor open room lead to guess response: watch pleasant goat together

 Zhang Guowei and beauty anchor open room lead to guess response: watch pleasant goat together

The so-called iron plate bridge challenge, as the name implies, is that Zhang Guowei lies flat between two beds, and then Ling Ye directly stands on Zhang Guoweis suspended abdominal muscles. For Zhang Guowei, this challenge is not even as difficult as dragon water absorption. After all, he was born as a high jumper with strong waist and abdomen, and Ling Ye was also very light.

However, the focus of netizens is not the challenge itself, but the location of the shooting. From the background, Zhang Guowei and Ling Yeh obviously finished the shooting in the guest room of the hotel. Therefore, netizens have expressed their opinions on whether the opening of the room means that the new love affair is about to be officially announced. More netizens said: in addition to completing the challenge of iron plate bridge , what will they do in the hotel

For the various guesses of netizens, Zhang Guowei explained humorously: do you believe me when I say we watch pleasant goat together? Later, some netizens asked whether they lived in the same room, and Zhang Guowei denied it.

In fact, after he announced his retirement in April this year, Zhang Guowei has been talking about many times. In addition to frequently launching various challenges on social media, he has also been on the hot search for reality TV programs. In terms of gossip, Zhang Guowei frequently interacted with Xu Dongdong, the goddess of the house, on social media as early as Lin Ye, which made the outside world speculate that they were in love.

Coincidentally, just after Zhang Guowei showed the video of iron plate bridge challenge, Xu Dongdong also showed his own video of challenging Zhang Guoweis dragon water absorption on social media, adding that the summer is hot, and the dragon water absorption is really sweet.

Source: Netease sports Author: Benbo Erba editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651