Did you find a bedroom missing when you handed it in? Developers respond: too anxious to build houses

 Did you find a bedroom missing when you handed it in? Developers respond: too anxious to build houses

The picture shows the picture album of commercial housing purchased by Ms. Liu

Just as the family was looking forward to living in the new house, something unexpected happened

On December 15, 2019, when its time to hand in the house, the developer didnt pay it, so we went to the community to have a look. There found a small study only 95 cm wide, this time began to pay attention to online filing information, found that this house is 2 rooms, 2 halls and 1 bathroom, a study is missing. Ms. Liu said that the study can be used as a bedroom, equivalent to the lack of a bedroom.

What Im looking forward to is that the house with three bedrooms suddenly becomes two bedrooms? Did you find the wrong building number? With these questions, Ms. Liu immediately contacted the real estate consultant when she bought the house. However, the real estate consultant said that the two room house that Ms. Liu saw was the one she had chosen and paid the deposit before. As for why it became a two room house, she did not know.

At this time, many owners found the problem of the house, and then they jointly found the developer of Linghai Xianglan County Yuyuan. However, the developers answer let Ms. Liu completely dead heart: at that time, a total of more than 30 units, there were five units wrong. The developer said that the wrong house type, including the one bought by Ms. Liu, made a mistake because the house was built in such a hurry that the drawings were wrong.

The picture shows Ms. Liu chatting with the real estate consultant

The picture shows the house surveying and mapping report provided by Ms. Liu

Such a reply from the developer made Ms. Liu feel ridiculous. She said that the reason why she considered buying a house was that her family had a large population and wanted to improve the living environment. Now the developers carelessness has not only failed to make them comfortable, but also blocked them.

When I bought this house, I paid down 660000 yuan. In fact, there was no money at that time. If I had enough money, I would not have bought a 13 story house. I would have bought that five story house.

Now that Ms. Liu has made a mistake in building a house, it is urgent for them to pay for the wrong house, but how can they make up for it?

After many unsuccessful consultations, Ms. Liu decided to file a complaint with the regulatory authorities. She called the 12345 hotline of Jimo District of Qingdao city and the 12345 hotline of Qingdao City, but they were not answered. Later, she called the Shandong provincial government service complaint hotline, but did not respond.