Its immoral to take advantage of the danger to buy? Some Microsoft employees oppose the acquisition of tiktok

 Its immoral to take advantage of the danger to buy? Some Microsoft employees oppose the acquisition of tiktok

Ive always been proud of Microsoft since Satya became CEO, one of the employees wrote about the deal to buy tiktok. But its the first time in a long time that Im full of doubts that maybe were not doing the right thing

The idea of paying a commission to a trump employee should also be described by tok as a bribe to an employee. Even if Microsoft shows a willingness to buy, customers and employees may question the integrity of the company.

Another employee comment also said: the deal is immoral in almost every way. Its hard to imagine that Microsoft is even willing to go this far.

Business insider described that although the voting participants accounted for only a small part of Microsofts 150000 employees, it still reflected the internal atmosphere of the company facing the current uncertain situation. Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates described the acquisition of tiktok as a poisonous Holy Grail in a public interview on the 7th, and thought that Trumps request for draw was very strange.

I think the principles on which the current developments are based are already very strange, and the draw percentage theory is even more strange. In any case, Microsoft has to deal with all this. As a technology consultant to Microsoft, he is cautious about joining the social media competition.

It may sound selfish, but I think more competition (in social media) may be a good thing. But its bizarre that trump is trying to get rid of the only competitor.

Trumps proposal to draw a percentage on the tiktok acquisition was opposed by legal experts on the 3rd

According to US media on August 5, Microsoft plans to complete the acquisition negotiation with byte jump, the parent company of tiktok, within three weeks, with a transaction value of up to $30 billion. If the deal is successful, Microsoft will bring back all the code that maintains tiktok operations from China to the United States within a year.

Tiktok will sue the trump administration as soon as next Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter, citing people familiar with the matter, saying its administrative ban may violate the U.S. Constitution and exceed the presidents power.

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