The price of eggs is not fixed? Price rise, farmers a day profit of 500 yuan

 The price of eggs is not fixed? Price rise, farmers a day profit of 500 yuan

Wang Jixi, a layer breeder in Linqing City, Shandong Province: the price of eggs has come up in July. I can make a profit of 500 yuan a day and 15000 yuan a month.

Wang Jixi said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic affected the level of the laying hens, which was nearly 100 thousand yuan in the first half. Due to the recent price rise, he also applied for expert technical assistance, hoping to further improve the efficiency by increasing the laying rate of layers. Experts in the industry said that the high temperature and high humidity in summer led to the decline of laying hens egg production rate. In July, the egg supply fell month on month, and the price rebounded. At present, the production capacity of laying hens has achieved certain results, and the structure of egg supply and demand in China has been gradually and effectively improved.

Zhu Ning, associate researcher of Institute of agricultural economy and development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: the supply of eggs has been steadily decreasing in the near future. From the perspective of demand, the demand for eggs will increase steadily in the later period, stimulated by consumption policies and festivals. It is expected that the supply and demand structure of eggs will be improved significantly in the near future and the price of eggs will fluctuate and rise.

Source: CCTV Financial Editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679