South Koreas young people have become the main force of new shareholders, and the 5-month yield has exceeded 10percent

 South Koreas young people have become the main force of new shareholders, and the 5-month yield has exceeded 10percent

After consulting his friends who invested in the stock market, he invested 50 million won, or about 292000 yuan, as starting capital to buy stocks in the game, medicine and other industries that are growing against the trend under the epidemic situation. Five months into the market, the yield has exceeded 10%. In order to facilitate the observation of the stock market, he downloaded special software for mobile phones, and joined an online investment and financing Association set up by young people to exchange investment experience.

According to the data released by the Korea financial investment Association, the number of stock accounts held by individual investors aged 20-40 in South Korea increased by 50% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year. Many of them are good at learning, which makes the offline silent physical Bookstore stock introductory books become popular.

In addition, many young investors are also good at understanding stock market dynamics through online channels such as video websites. Some securities companies in South Korea regularly update lectures on stock market prices on video websites. Since the beginning of this year, subscribers have more than doubled.

Huang Shiyun, researcher of Korea Capital Market Research Institute: for a long time, the aging phenomenon of capital market in South Korea is obvious, and the vitality is gradually weakened. However, with the participation of young investors, they actively invest in areas that have not been paid attention to before, which has improved the overall activity of the stock market.

With the long-term low interest rates and high real estate prices, the stock market has become a favorite investment channel for young people. Among individual investors in their 20s and 30s, 60.1% and 44% respectively choose the stock market as their financial management method.

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