Disclaimer or life and death statement? American Open refused to be responsible for the new crown players dare to go

 Disclaimer or life and death statement? American Open refused to be responsible for the new crown players dare to go

In the statement, players are required to commit to the following terms: I abide by any risks and liabilities arising from me or my contact with others, including serious illness, injury or death, whether caused by the negligence of the US open or others. I will never condemn the American tennis association, the Billy Jenkin National Tennis Center, the ATP tour, the WTA tour, Cincinnati tennis limited, the American tennis association player development company, the American tennis foundation, New York City, and so on.

In addition, players are required to promise that the tax exemption agreement will be valid forever. At the same time, the player also has to give up the right to sue the U.S. Open permanently. In the event of the most extreme death of a player, the players family shall not charge the organizing committee.

Players cant sue the U.S. Open, including class action against the U.S. Open. In the statement, the U.S. Open organizing committee stipulated that all actions of the players can only be carried out individually, not collectively. As stated in the statement, by signing this document, the players have renounced any class action or class action rights.

As early as 2015, Canadian Bouchard sued the U.S. Open for a concussion after he accidentally hit his head when he fell in the U.S. Open dressing room. It was not until 2018 that the lawsuit was settled, and the Organizing Committee of the US Open should bear 75% of the responsibility. But without disclosing the exact amount, bushal is likely to receive millions of dollars in compensation.

For the U.S. Open, this statement is like that the organizing committee has such a case. In the past, the U.S. Open is naturally unwilling to pay such a high price for the players again, which makes the organizing committee issue such a statement. The amulet reduces the risks that the organizing committee needs to bear.

However, for the players, the statement is against them everywhere, and it is unclear whether those who intend to play will be dissuaded. Originally, Nadal, Bati and many other top players are reluctant to participate in the US Open because of the severe epidemic situation in the United States. This makes this years us open star dim. Now, the U.S. Open has issued such a disclaimer. I wonder if those players who intended to make a profit at the U.S. Open will eventually choose to withdraw.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Oriental Sports Daily_ NB12651