Japan plans to build an electronic warfare force to cooperate with the land and water mobile regiment in island capture operations

 Japan plans to build an electronic warfare force to cooperate with the land and water mobile regiment in island capture operations

According to the report, the professional electronic warfare unit under the jurisdiction of the land self defense force will be set up in the health army barracks in Kumamoto City next spring. At the same time, Japan is also developing special long-range electronic warfare aircraft and ground equipment that can interfere with enemy radio waves and make them invalid. According to the report, this is due to the continuous improvement of China and Russias electronic warfare capabilities, so Japan has stepped up its ability to cope with modern wars.

When referring to the operational mode of electronic warfare forces, Kyodo news agency said for example that in the war of island contention, the landing forces and ships of the attacking side need to maintain close communication, while for the defensive side, monitoring and interfering with the enemys communication is an effective countermeasure. Japans EW force will also cooperate with the land and water mobile regiment of the self defense force, which is specially responsible for island seizing operations. While protecting the communication of the SDF, Japans EW forces will also interfere with the enemys radars and missiles. According to the report, Japans electronic warfare force is mainly responsible for analyzing the enemys radio wave frequency, and then jamming it with the same frequency to make it ineffective. The Ministry of defense has introduced the latest vehicular network EW system with this function. At the same time, the Ministry of defense is also developing long range electronic warfare aircraft, which can implement electronic jamming beyond the threat range of the other party. In the defense budget of 2020, the project will receive 15 billion yen of research and development funds.

The report also revealed that members of the electronic warfare force of the self defense force must undergo strict examination before they can finally be qualified. They need to learn electromagnetic wave professional knowledge in the communication school of the land self defense force, understand how countries deal with electronic warfare, and learn more about electromagnetic warfare related professional knowledge than electronic warfare.

Self defense force officials said that the reason why the Ministry of defense is so eager to establish an electronic warfare force is that compared with China and Russia, the reserve of capabilities in this area has fallen far behind. According to the report, the Russian army launched an electromagnetic attack on Ukraine in 2014, blocking the command system of the Ukrainian army, making it difficult to play its combat effectiveness. The Chinese army has also sent electronic warfare aircraft to fly around Japan to collect electromagnetic information from the self defense forces and the US military..

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