Zhang Yiming in the storm: the outside world scolds him for his weakness, and his employees praise him for his rationality

 Zhang Yiming in the storm: the outside world scolds him for his weakness, and his employees praise him for his rationality

Over the past month, the short video app, which has tens of millions of users in the United States, has received more attention. Although the app is still popular in the United States, it is still turbulent behind.

On August 9, after the acquisition negotiations between Microsoft and the parent company of tiktok, byte jump, news came out again. Twitter also preliminarily discussed with tiktok to study the feasibility of the merger, including the business of tiktok in the United States.

On August 10, Niki told the times that the discussion about the application being blocked was spreading among tiktok users, and many users did not want the app to be blocked.

Not long ago, according to foreign media sources, US President trump signed a new decree, which will prohibit any US individuals and enterprises from conducting any transactions with the byte hopping of tiktok parent company in 45 days.

In the view of the industry, Zhang Yiming is too compromise this time; in the eyes of employees, his performance is rational and has a Mars perspective; in the eyes of foreign media reporters, Zhang Yiming is a person with great affinity and lacks the mystery of the founder of Chinas Internet giant.

Behind the curse

According to public information, in the United States, the cases of citizens and enterprises suing the government are mostly seen in cases where the government infringes on private property, freedom and life based on administrative orders.

After accepting the lawsuit against the government, the court can maintain or overturn the administrative order of the government according to the constitution, the law and the interpretation of the law.

According to previous information, in the review process of more than 40 years after the establishment of CFIUS, in 2012, the case that the subsidiary of Sany group, Ralls Corp., brought CFIUS and Obama to court for President Obamas ban on the acquisition of electric field transactions, is the only successful case of Chinese enterprises suing the US government.

In the end, however, Ralls was only awarded the right to choose its own buyer to sell the power plant involved.

If Zhang Yiming filed a lawsuit, the best result may be no more than that.

Zhang Yiming is a person who looks at the long-term and wont please anyone for short-term interests. Zhang Qian, the founder of futurex, an early investor in the investment sector, said in an interview on August 3.

But tiktoks position in the U.S. market is not just about byte hopping.

From the perspective of agents, since tiktok was banned, the stock prices of A-share agents related to byte jump offshore business have experienced many shocks.

Take Guangdong Guangdong group as an example. After the company announced to be the core agent of tiktokads in April this year, its share price began to rise continuously, rising from about 2 yuan per share to 12.83 yuan per share at one time, with the maximum increase of more than 260%.

However, private equity agencies also said: if the byte tiktok finally sells TikTok US business, it will be a bad thing for the provincial and broad group that is hyping up the stock price by the overseas voice agent.

Recently, Tian Xuan, vice president of Wudaokou School of finance of Tsinghua University, wrote: in the current international environment, the battle of byte skipping has been given a lot of political significance other than business. If tiktok compromises, it will have a great negative impact on the subsequent internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

As a matter of fact, some experts and scholars believe that once the United States is given a sweet taste, other countries may follow suit, which may make Chinese enterprises in the sea encounter the same situation.

In addition, in response to the U.S. sanctions incident, byte beat and Huaweis attitude is not the same, some views give the formers helmsman Zhang Yiming a Curse.

On August 3 and 4, Zhang Yiming rarely issued two letters from all staff.

In response to rumors and speculation about tiktoks US business, one letter said that it would not give up exploring any possibility and was still confident in tiktoks future; another letter signed Yiming to express gratitude to the Chinese employees who supported tiktok and byte hop company.

On August 7, an employee of byte skipping told Time Weekly: I personally dont agree with the opinion that byte skipping is yielding. Yiming also made it very clear in the letter of all staff that the previous actions of byte skipping were carried out within the framework of legal compliance. As for whether the attitude is tough, it is actually a matter of negotiation strategy.

He believes that the current resistance of byte skipping is also following the normal legal process, and the overall logic of action is still consistent.

Recently, another person close to the byte beat told the times weekly: sometimes, if you are in the position of Zhang Yiming, what should you do? If you protect tiktok, you will be scolded by Chinese netizens. If you fight with the United States, all the employees in mountain view will be laid off. From Zhang Yimings point of view, maybe the best decision is now.

Like most young people in the United States, he publishes his dancing videos on tiktok, shares his daily life, and makes his own comments on certain remarks and events. In the United States, tiktok is easier to find like-minded partners than twitter and Facebook, he said.

The loss of the U.S. market is a major blow to tiktoks global strategy.

Tiktok and Chinas overseas version of TikTok have exceeded 2 billion times in April this year, according to SensorTower data. The US market has contributed 165 million downloads after China and India. Tiktok and TikToks internal revenue reached $456 million in the first quarter of 2020, while US users contributed 86 million 500 thousand US dollars, accounting for 19%, the highest contribution rate to Chinas domestic income.

The report of emarketer, a market research agency, shows that the number of tiktok users in the U.S. market will grow by 97.5% in 2019. The agency estimates that tiktoks U.S. users will reach 45.4 million in 2020, up 21.9% year-on-year, and 52.2 million users by 2021.

On July 24, Wang Peng, a big data business analyst, said in a reply to the times weekly reporter that in the future, more and more Chinese funded institutions, Chinese enterprises, Chinese application service providers, and even Chinese investment institutions may encounter similar problems overseas. At present, this situation will not change in a short period of time.

In fact, in the face of overseas regulatory issues, the byte jitter led by Zhang Yiming has been adjusted many times in half a year.

Recently, an informed person close to the byte beat told the times weekly that tiktok has been facing some overseas supervision, and has been doing some structural and data adjustments since this year.

According to the public information, since the end of 2018, tiktoks market operation function, non China business content review and other functions have been fully moved out of China.

In May, Kevin Mayer, then Disneys chief executive, was hired as tiktoks new chief executive and byte beats chief operating officer.

On the other hand, byte skipping is still trying out possibilities outside the United States.

Real Zhang Yiming

Todays Internet is largely run by American companies, such as alphabet, Amazon and Facebook, for good or bad. Tiktok is the first Chinese company to break through and start to influence the United States and the world for a while. This is what its Chinese counterparts, such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, have not yet done so far. Atlantic Monthly reporter Michael Schumann once wrote in an interview notes to Zhang Yiming.

Among the above Internet Co founders, Ma Yun is 56 years old, Robin Li 52 years old, Ma Huateng 49 years old, and Zhang Yiming, 37 years old, is the youngest.

In 2005, Zhang Yiming, who graduated from software engineering major of Nankai University, formed a group with his elder brother to develop an enterprise oriented Iam collaborative office system. Like many young people, Zhang Yiming, who failed to start a business a year later, chose to look for big companies to gild.

In the next few years, Zhang Yiming entered coolnews and Microsoft successively, and joined Fanbo, a microblog like website founded by Wang Xing, the founder of xianmeituan, as a technical partner.

Obviously, the real estate search engine is not the most satisfactory choice for Zhang Yiming. Relying on his understanding of the mode of organizational information + social behavior analysis accumulated during the period of Cool News and Fanfu, Zhang Yiming, who resigned as CEO of jiujiujiufang in 2011, established byte jump Technology Co., Ltd. the next year and launched todays headlines. The latter attracted 10 million users in just three months Households.

Just as tiktok and bold Zhang Yiming decided to change jobs, the next few years, the byte beating has launched a series of video, business, video, and volcano videos. The community knows the car, the Pew shrimp, the Wukong Q & A, and the melon and melon English and the North net school.

In May, Zhang Yiming ranked first in Fortune magazines 2020 list of 40 Chinese business leaders aged under 40, followed by founder and CEO of Xu Li, founder and CEO Ma Chune of the technology, founder and CEO Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of China Kwai Chung.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Yiming is different from most Internet entrepreneurs in China. He has a more approachable affinity.

In informal occasions, Zhang Yiming often wears an ordinary T-shirt, mainly gray white and black, plus a pair of short-sighted glasses, showing the standard look of a man in science and engineering.

In him, you can hardly feel the mystery of the founder of Chinas Internet giant. This has been said of the outside world.

In planning the interview, I called him Mr. Zhang in my email. In China, businessmen tend to be more formal about things like interviews. But tiktoks communications director chuckled and told me, youre the only one who calls him Mr. Zhang. In byte skipping company, he (Zhang Yiming) directly asks people to address him by his name, so just call him Yiming. In Michael Schumanns interview notes, there is such a record.

The above byte beat staff told the times weekly that Zhang Yiming would hold a face-to-face discussion with all staff on a regular basis. All employees have the opportunity to ask questions and make their own comments during face-to-face activities, so those who work in byte skipping have basically met Zhang Yiming.

Of course, during the outbreak, this kind of discussion changed from offline to online.

In his opinion, Zhang Yiming is a pragmatic romanticist, who has both a general view and a Mars perspective, but is pragmatic and rational in terms of company management and other aspects. Therefore, the whole byte beat also presents such a style.

I personally appreciate the companys internal culture and management style. From the beginning of starting a business, byte beat has been docking with excellent enterprises around the world, which is more advanced in culture and management system than some enterprises I have experienced before. He said.

Although Zhang Yiming endowed tiktok with the vision of globalization by controlling the global view, tiktoks future has not been completely affected by his personal will.

No matter what the final result of tiktok, Zhang Yiming and his byte beating battle will write an important page in the history of business.

Source: time weekly editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425