Too strict! Shenzhen coach called Zhang Yuan a red card for Zhang Yuan, but he didnt have a card

 Too strict! Shenzhen coach called Zhang Yuan a red card for Zhang Yuan, but he didnt have a card

Shenzhen recruited a large number of recruits this season and beat Guangzhou Fuli in the first match of the new season, but then lost to Shenhua and Evergrande successively.

If Shenzhen lost to Shenhua and Evergrande because of factors such as running in and player avoidance, then the current round of loss to Jianye is a bit of frustration and bad luck. In this game, the referee teams punishment to Shenzhen was indeed too severe.

In the 33rd minute, in a high-altitude ball fight, Zhang Yuan, who lost the control of the ball, wanted to clear the ball with an inverted hook. As a result, he kicked Du Changjie in the head. In this ball, Zhang Yuans action was indeed a bit rash, but he didnt mean to hurt anyone, and he didnt know the situation behind him, but the referee AI Kun still showed a red card.

Indeed, from the point of action, it is dangerous, but if we consider the situation at that time, yellow card warning should be a better way, and Zhihong is indeed a little too strict.

Shenzhen less than one person, also become a turning point on the field, Jiang Zhipeng 44 minutes into an own goal, Shenzhen was equalized.

In the first half, 3 minutes of make-up time, Gao Lin was put down in the front court right rib, Dai Weijun penalty free kick directly hit the goal, the ball was headed out of the baseline by the guard. This was originally a corner kick in Shenzhen, but ikun directly blew the whistle at the end of the first half, which is also questionable.

In the 58th minute of the second half, Jianye attacks on the left side of the front court, and Zhang Yuan defends Dorado on the left side of the forbidden area. The two sides blocked on the edge of the forbidden area, and then Zhang Yuan turned to protect the ball. His elbow slightly raised and didnt touch Dorado at all. Dorado suddenly fell back against gravity. Dora Dosso asked for a penalty kick and iqun indicated that the match would continue. It can be said that Dorado is an obvious flop. Ikon can give Dorado a yellow card.

If 11 plays 11, Shenzhen can be said to have played completely, and even has the opportunity to win the game, but that red card changed the trend of the game.

However, this is not the end of the world. After all, Shenzhen still needs time to run in after recruitment, and injuries have also affected the process of running in. I believe that with the passage of time, the performance of the team will be better and better.

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