Ding Junhui is no longer a cheap tent, a deadly enemy: his income must be good, but is he eager to win?

 Ding Junhui is no longer a cheap tent, a deadly enemy: his income must be good, but is he eager to win?

Now, at 33, Ding Junhuis mentality is quite different from that of the past. After becoming a father, he seems more peaceful. This may be due to the precipitation brought about by the growth of age, or the calm and calm after seeing numerous big scenes.

But in the eyes of the fans, Ding Junhuis achievements should not stop here. Now he seems to be a bit too Buddhist. The unfinished World Championship dream is still just a dream.

Against OSullivan

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Britain in March, Ding Junhui chose to return to China to train in China, thus missing the Champions League and touring Championships.

In order to play in the world championships, Ding Junhui overcame many difficulties and returned to the United Kingdom in early July. After the end of isolation, he played in the world championships.

Five months did not play the game, appeared in crusberg Ding Junhui is what kind of state, really no one said clearly.

In the first round, Ding Junhui couldnt get rid of his opponents entanglement in the first round, and the score stuck all the way. After 7 draws, Ding Junhui went down to two cities to get the match point. However, mark king fought hard to recover the two sets. Fortunately, Ding Junhui seized the opponents defensive mistakes in the final game and won the victory with a 10-9 thrill.

In the second round of the Ding Olympic Games, it seems from all walks of life that Ding Junhui is surrounded by a relatively pessimistic mood. After all, OSullivan swept taciaa 10-1 in 108 minutes, and the content and quality of the game are far higher than Ding Junhuis defeat of mark king.

Before the game, not many people think Ding Junhui can win the state of OSullivan, he can continue to hold a very skeptical attitude.

However, although the final result is still regretful to lose, Ding Junhuis performance is obviously above the standard. After the game, he is also very satisfied with his performance most of the time. After all, he can resist the bombardment of OSullivan, but there are no collapses, and there are only a few players in the football world today.

33 years old for a snooker player, should be from the technical to psychological maturity of the peak period, in the face of the first round of crazy rockets, Ding Junhui can bite the score all the way to form a confrontation situation.

Objectively speaking, OSullivans play was also inferior to the first round, but the performance of two shots breaking 100 plus six shots 50 + was still sharp. Ding Junhui, however, was not afraid. He took out almost all his abilities to fight against the powerful enemy. Even OSullivan expressed that if Ding Junhui could force him to be more urgent and seize more opportunities, he could solve me. This kind of attitude is even a little weak.

Indeed, in this highly anticipated Ding Olympic Games, for a time, Ding Junhui lost one game first, and then made three consecutive games, including two sets of zero shots, with a stroke of 50 + and a stroke of 70 +. Not only was the offensive side sharp, but also he was able to deal with it calmly, so that OSullivan didnt get any advantage.

Ding Junhui is almost equal to the Rockets in the score and progress of the whole game

In the second stage, Ding Junhui broke two strokes and a stroke of 50 + and a stroke of 60 +, and his hand was still excellent. If it had not been for the luck goddess in the latter few innings, the score after 16 innings should not have continued to balance. Even OSullivan was glad that he was able to score 8-8 in the third stage.

In fact, even in the third stage of the score opened by OSullivan, Ding Junhui still had a lot of opportunities. He had two single shots of 80 + and a clean sheet, but Ding Junhui still had many bright spots. Unfortunately, after 10-11, due to the lack of long-term platform accuracy and too much risk-taking, Ding Junhui was taken away by the old Daos OSullivan.

In the last game, Ding Junhuis hope of overturning the game was completely ruined

Although he failed to advance, Ding Junhui did not show any weakness even when he was fighting against OSullivan. Both sides were very happy to kill each other and the game was very smooth. Ding Junhuis attack efficiency was quite high, but his performance on the long stage betrayed him at the critical moment.

With mark kings first round match, Ding Junhuis long-term success rate was less than 50% for most of the time, even a poor 36% for a certain period of time, and only 45% for the whole court. In contrast, mark kings long-term success rate remained above 70% for a long time.

Ding Junhuis long-term success rate in this competition is really too low

In the face of OSullivans key Bureau, the continuous gifts from distant Taiwan made Ding Junhui pay the price of losing.

Ding Junhuis greatest change of mind and maturity

Although the road to the world championship came to an end again, Ding Junhui showed a different face on the field.

All the fans who watched Ding Junhuis game all the way still remember that Ding Junhui, who was in the early years of his career, could easily show his impatience when he encountered some problems in the game. He rubbed his eyes and yawned and blurred his eyes, giving people a feeling of impatience.

In other words, his psychological hardness is not enough. OSullivan once said that he was a cheap tent that could not bear the pressure. Ding Junhui couldnt stand up at the critical moment. His psychological pressure was unbalanced, and he could not prove himself in the key competition. Rockets words directly pointed out Ding Junhuis biggest weakness, I really think he should find someone to help him better understand his (psychological) problems. OSullivans words are harsh, and Ding Junhui did.

At present, Ding Junhui is working with coach Chris Henry, who once directed Hendry. People always have to learn something new, such as controlling the situation, psychological aspects and so on. I dont like reading books and self-study, but I want to find an experienced person to teach them by example.

It seems that Henry had an immediate effect on Ding Junhuis psychological change. In the decisive game of mark king, Ding Junhui stopped the opponents counterattack in time after being chased for two match points in a row. He successfully won the last red ball in the decisive game, and won from the clean-up stage to the pink ball.

In the second round of Ding Olympic Games, no matter how the situation develops on the court, Ding Junhui is still as calm as water. With the change of score, even winning three games or being attacked by opponents, Ding Junhui did not show much emotion. Compared with Xiao Hui who was beaten by OSullivan in the Masters match 13 years ago, Ding Junhui, who has become a father, is obviously much more mature.

In the first round, tacia faced the fierce attack of OSullivan, resulting in the ultra-low-level mistakes caused by psychological imbalance

In the face of OSullivans strong attack, Im afraid other players will collapse under such pressure. For example, tacia, who lost 1-10 in the first round, is afraid that in addition to sitting on the sideline shaking his head and sighing, Im afraid he just wants the game to end early.

But Ding Junhui, even though he was finally taken away by the opponents two single stroke victories, still wore a smile after the defeat. When he briefly communicated with OSullivan, he could not see any disappointment and depression.

Despite losing the game, Ding Junhui still exchanged greetings with the Rockets with a smile

Ding Junhuis death, of course, carries the expectations of all Chinese fans. It has always been a luxury for him to take off the heavy burden and go to battle with light clothes. Now he enjoys snooker more and more, which is a good thing of course. But the driving force of the players continuous progress is to speak with the results in the arena, the desire to win and self-esteem.

The daughter may become Ding Junhuis last motive force

In the past two or three seasons, Ding Junhui has been in the doldrums most of the time. Since the 2017 world open, Ding Junhui once fell into a shortage of 805 day ranking champion.

Originally, when he was 30 years old, many people in the industry predicted that Ding Junhui would enter a new glorious period. After he was promoted to a baby father in 2018, his mentality should be more stable, but the actual result was not the case.

Ding Junhuis competition results and performance in the field have been lack of stability, and the focus of his life has shifted to his family, which has also affected his training and competition rhythm to a certain extent.

In other words, Ding Junhuis focus in the past few years does not seem to be fully focused on snooker. Of course, this is human nature, but after losing, there are not too many emotional ups and downs, and Ding Junhui tied by Buddha is also worrying. Does he have the fighting spirit and determination to meet new challenges?

Ding Junhui certainly has the strength to win the ranking championship and the three major championship, which is beyond doubt, but how to transform it into the driving force of the competition field at this stage is another matter.

At the end of last year, he suddenly broke out in the British championship, and his willpower and desire for victory seemed to have returned. At that moment, we saw Ding Junhui, who was fearless of failure again and again, and who was indomitable in Nirvana.

However, the victory of the British Championship did not turn into a new starting point. After entering 2020, Ding Junhui even fell into a strange circle of difficulty in winning. After the outbreak of the epidemic, he did not play for five months. Although the way out of the World Championships was decent, it always gave people the feeling that they were not warm or hot, and they were not much better.

If mark kings continuous scoring ability is not too poor, Ding Junhui may have been out of the round in krusberg. Its hard to imagine how fierce the attack would be on him.

Since 2007, Ding Junhui has made 14 consecutive appearances in krusberg this year. However, since he made his first final in 2016 and narrowly lost to Selby, Ding Junhuis World Championship results have not progressed but regressed. The top four in 2017, the last eight in 2018, and the last 16 in 2019 and 2020 are far away from the championship he most wants to win and the last piece of the Grand Slam puzzle.

He has won 14 ranking competitions, three British Championships and one masters championship. He has been ranked No. 1 in the world. He is the first person in China and even Asia in snooker. Even if Ding Junhui chooses to retire now, this report card is quite eye-catching. Even if he has not won the title in the World Championship, his previous champion and honor are enough to make him gain fame and fortune, and gain and loss in just a few races Its not really that important to him.

Robertson, who is one of the five tigers of the post-80s generation, has a penetrating comment on Ding Junhuis deep predicament. Ding Junhui has always been a competitive player, but how he performs depends on himself. Is his desire for victory as strong as when he was young? I dont think his downturn should be attributed to the pressure from China. I can be sure that his income in China is very good. All in all, the key is his desire to win. Only the desire to win can make him devote a lot of time to playing as he should

Desire to win is very important to Ding Junhui at this stage, so how to unlock these three words?

Lets go back to the moment when Ding Junhui won the British championship at the end of last year. In an interview after the award, Ding Junhui mentioned, I havent got anything for two years. Im worried that I havent done well enough. Did I ask myself if I can win again? Im starting to believe that I can still win the championship. My family has given me a lot of support and helped me reduce stress. I want to do my best for my daughter. When she grows up, she will know that she has the best father

Yeah, the best dad! Isnt this the driving force for Ding Junhui to move forward?

At the award ceremony of the world championships in the past, most of the winners took the highest honor with their family members and took photos with the trophy. The warm scene appeared almost every year. I believe Ding Junhui hopes to become that person in his heart.

For snooker athletes at 33, its not too small to say big or small, but Ding Junhui has less and less time to conquer the world championships.

After Ding Junhui won the championship for the third time in last years British championship, Steve Davis once said, many people think Ding Junhui has no chance to win the world championship, but now all this has been broken. I think Ding Junhui is the opponent of any player in the world at his best. He is a headache for other top players.

While the billiards emperor Hendry has regarded Ding Junhui as the strongest player in history who has never won the world championship. I dont know if we will see him win the championship again, but his performance in the final is incredible

OSullivan, the first player in the football world, has always been very optimistic about Ding Junhui. Ding Junhui has always been in the top ranks. It will be sooner or later that he wins the world championship.

Ding Junhui, do you want to take practical actions to verify the words of the celebrities? As a father, you want your daughter to see the best of herself, so winning the championship trophy is undoubtedly the best way.

Just out of the world championship, Ding Junhui has been aiming at the new season which will start in a month.

Now Ding Junhui has not only settled down in Sheffield, but also has his own ball room. The current training conditions and environment are particularly good. He has his own table, and there are many opponents in training. He is looking forward to next season, hoping to have a better play. As long as we continue to persevere and maintain the desire for victory and the pursuit of honor, we have reason to believe that Ding Junhui can still create more glory belonging to Chinas snooker. Never lose faith in Ding Junhui, because he has the strength. Source of this article: Netease sports manuscript Author: Leon, editor in charge: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806

Now Ding Junhui has not only settled down in Sheffield, but also has his own ball room. The current training conditions and environment are particularly good. He has his own table, and there are many opponents in training. He is looking forward to next season, hoping to have a better play. As long as we continue to persevere and maintain the desire for victory and the pursuit of honor, we have reason to believe that Ding Junhui can still create more glory belonging to Chinas snooker.

Never lose faith in Ding Junhui, because he has the strength.