Nearly 100000 American children have been confirmed within half a month, and the white house still forces them to go back to school for protest

 Nearly 100000 American children have been confirmed within half a month, and the white house still forces them to go back to school for protest

Schools across the country started face-to-face learning this month, while others chose online courses. The decision to reopen public schools largely depends on school districts in many states, although the White House has urged schools to open in the autumn. At present, it is not clear how opening schools affects the community. Several schools, including one in Georgia, have had to be temporarily closed after the outbreak. However, the news that students huddled in the hallway on the first day of a high school in Georgia, with few wearing masks or keeping social distance, made Georgia headlines.

Republicans, including those in the White House, have long believed that children will not transmit the new coronavirus. A new Pew study finds that about 36% of Republicans say that schools below grade 12 in the United States should offer face-to-face teaching five days a week. Only 13% of Republicans think schools should offer five days of distance learning. In addition to the White House, a number of Republicans, including Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, are calling for the reopening of schools, arguing that students have a lower risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

However, scientific research has increasingly pointed out that children have the same risk of infection and transmission as adults. A South Korean study published in mid July found that people aged between 10 and 19 spread at the same rate as adults. On July 30, another study from Chicagos JAMA pediatric hospital found that childrens viral load was as high as that of adults, suggesting that children may be important vectors for the spread of the new coronavirus. This trend is further confirmed by the recent outbreak of new outbreaks in summer camps and child care facilities, coupled with the rising infection rate among children and adolescents.

According to AAP data, as of July 30, California, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina had the highest cumulative number of new crown cases in pediatrics. In some areas, such as Indiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee and Georgia, as listed above, students have begun to return to school. Some schools found that students tested positive for the new coronavirus as soon as school started, and all close contacts were sent home for quarantine. Some students say they are very nervous and everyone may be isolated or expelled from school.

The U.S. government forced schools to resume offline teaching, which was strongly opposed by staff. Staff in Florida, Tennessee and other States held up protest slogans on the streets, calling for the continuation of online teaching until tests show that classrooms are safe and schools can hire more nurses and support staff. In the face of the protest of the staff, the parents of the students expressed their support. They think its hard for children to keep social distance in school and lack the awareness of wearing masks.

5 million 70 thousand cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in us

According to Johns Hopkins University new coronavirus epidemic statistics, as of 17:35, August 10, the United States confirmed the number of new coronavirus infection reached 5075678, the death toll of new coronavirus infection reached 163282. In the past 24 hours, 39291 new confirmed cases and 431 new deaths occurred in the United States.

In France, 4854 new crowns were confirmed in three days, with a total of 202775 cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 202775 cases as of 14 oclock, which was increased by 4854 people in the last three days, according to the 10 announcement of the French health department. The total number of deaths was 30340, 16 more than three days ago, including 19834 deaths in hospitals, and the statistics of deaths in social medical institutions such as disabled nursing homes will be updated on the 11th.

816 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United Kingdom were confirmed in 311641 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed at 311641 in August 10th, and 816 cases were added on a single day, 46526 cases were killed and 21 cases were added on a single day, according to the announcement of the Ministry of health and social health on the official website of 9.

Tan Desai: we have seen the hope of fighting the epidemic, but we should do two things well

Overseas network novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus pneumonia), August (WHO), Monday (10), said that the dawn of hope in the battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic is hopeful. Although nearly 20 million people have confirmed the new crown pneumonia worldwide, the death toll is also close to 750 thousand. 11.

Tan Desai said that whether novel coronavirus pneumonia has been successfully suppressed or whether the spread suppression is at a low level or is still in a major epidemic situation, it is time for all countries to do their best. By investing in the basics of public health, we can save lives and livelihoods, he called Who still recommends that people wear masks to slow the spread of the virus, wash their hands regularly, keep a distance from others and avoid going to places where people gather.

259 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy totaled over 250 thousand cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 259 cases in the past 24 hours, 250825 cases were confirmed by the latest 259 statistics released by the Ministry of health in Italy in August 10th. 4 new deaths and 35209 deaths were reported. 150 cases were newly cured and 202248 cases were cured. The total number of confirmed cases was 13368, including 46 severe cases.

EU officials: novel coronavirus pneumonia risks facing EU