New love? Article dating with beautiful women, talking about night bar stalls during the day

 New love? Article dating with beautiful women, talking about night bar stalls during the day

Netease Entertainment reported on August 11, 10, media photographed an article dating a beautiful woman. The article and the beauty chat in the restaurant from day to night, the article lit a cigarette in front of the beautys face, two people share the interesting news on the mobile phone, it seems that the relationship is not general. They chatted for a long time in the restaurant. During the article, they also took out their mobile phone screen to show the woman. After dinner, they walked out of the restaurant, and then walked into a nearby bar to continue their conversation.

After being alone for a while, the article then came out to pick up other friends and continue to enjoy drinking and chatting with friends in the bar. However, after the end, the article did not go home directly, but rode his beloved electric car to the gym.

It is reported that just in June this year, the article also spread the news of the compound with Ma Yili. A netizen published the article fitness video, and also showed the article and the group photo of different fitness coaches and articles. The background of the photo is the gym, the article is smiling, the calf is very thin, very kind to cooperate with the photo.

Some netizens commented that this article is extremely thin, or strong, acting snow leopard has more feelings, take him to practice legs. There are netizens commented that before with Ma Yili, now with the article, this turn to introduce powerful. The publisher of the video replied, yes.. Even in the face of is Ma Yili still here? All of them jokingly replied, guess. . It is understood that the gym selected in this article is located in a hotel in Shanghai, and friends Zhang Jie and Xie Na often patronize it. In the photo, the fitness coach and ex-wife Ma Yili are the same, and the fitness venue is the same.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395