Honeysuckle soup inhibits virus? Tongrentang stock price soars, shareholders cash in 1.8 billion

 Honeysuckle soup inhibits virus? Tongrentang stock price soars, shareholders cash in 1.8 billion

Unfortunately, Tongrentang, a famous Chinese herbal medicine brand that has been hovering in the low position, has been rising against the trend since August 5. After the trading limit on August 5, Tongrentang announced the news of the reduction of Life Insurance Holdings of shareholders holding more than 5% shares in the evening of August 6. On August 7, Tongrentang was once up and down in the morning trading, but it was dragged down by the general market, and its rise narrowed to about 5% by the end of the day.

In the early morning trading on August 10, Tongrentang rose by 9.19% to 33.5 yuan in the hesitation of the market.

2. Shareholders life insurance accumulated cash of 1.8 billion yuan

Financial Street, Jindi and Minsheng may become the next reduction target

On the evening of August 6, Tongrentang announced that the shareholders of 14.99% of the shares had reduced their holdings on August 4 and August 6 respectively through block trading, and the accumulated cash arbitrage exceeded 1.8 billion.

After the reduction, we all held 9.99% of Tongrentangs shares.

According to the annual report of 2019, the two products of life insurance respectively hold 9.19% and 5.8% shares of Tongrentang, a total of 14.99%.

According to the historical transactions of Tongrentang, the repeated increases in holdings of life insurance in the second half of 2015 and in 2018 are between the decline channels of Tongrentang. Before this reduction, the shares held should be between break even.

Why did you choose to reduce the shares before Tongrentang broke out?

According to industry insiders, the new regulations on insurance equity investment issued by the CIRC stipulates that the total number of shares invested by an insurance company in a single listed company shall not exceed 10% of the companys total share capital.

Prior to that, everyone life insurance also reduced the shareholding ratio of Dashang shares and Eurasian Group to 9.99% through block trading.

At present, all life in the Financial Street, Jindi group, Minsheng Bank, ocean group to throw more than 10% of the shares.

According to the announcement, as of August 8, in addition to holding Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd., Dazhong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. also held 17.84% of the shares of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd., 9.99% of the shares of Dashang Co., Ltd., 20.43% of the shares of Jindi (Group) Co., Ltd., and 29.58% of the shares of Sino Ocean Group Holding Co., Ltd It has 9.99% shares of Changchun Eurasia Group Co., Ltd., and 14.10% shares of Financial Street Holding Co., Ltd.

After the reduction of all life insurance, there are rumors that a well-known large-scale private placement is the receiving party of this block transaction.

According to the data of block trading, the buyers business departments on August 4 and August 6 were all business departments of Guoxin Securities, Zhenhua Road, Shenzhen.

Some analysts believe that Tongrentangs performance has been relatively mediocre for three consecutive years, with its revenue falling by 6.56% in 19 years, and its stock price has been stagnant for a long time, which is in line with the above-mentioned investment style of private placement.

A century old store

Caf u00e9 becomes the holy land for post-90s to punch in

No matter whether the buyer is Feng Liu or not, the buyer who spent nearly 2 billion to buy Tongrentang should be very optimistic about Tongrentang.

In fact, Tongrentang is a major shareholder. In addition to insurance capital, the well-known national team China Securities Fund and Central Huijin, as well as Beishang capital, also like the stock.

Although Tongrentangs performance in recent years has been flat, and the revenue and net profit in the first quarter of 2020 have dropped by more than double digits, why are the big guys still chasing after them?

Recently, this century old Chinese medicine shop has opened a coffee shop. The No. 1 shop in Shuangjing, Beijing, has become the holy land for online celebrities to punch in.

It is understood that the first floor of the shop is a coffee and beverage area. Feel the caf u00e9 decorated with ceiling made of various herbs

(picture from surging)

In addition to coffee, there is also a soup of medicinal herbs that Cantonese love to drink

(photo from Internet, medlar latte)

On the second floor are the consultation, prescription, medication and physiotherapy area.

In addition to the traditional main business, consultation, prescription, taking Chinese medicine, there is an ultra avant-garde infrared thermography on the second floor. Assess and analyze your health by measuring your bodys temperature.

Yu Ruixuan, head of Zhima health business, said that from brand IP, store design to commodity selection, Zhima health targets not only middle-aged and elderly groups, but also young people. Therefore, Zhima health stores consider the display and style design of products, and provide tools such as Polaroid for the social needs of consumers.

Today, when the post-90s began to serve a cup of medlar and chrysanthemum for health preservation, Tongrentangs cross-border trip not only meets the psychological characteristics of young people who are keen on online red cards, but also satisfies the young peoples living habits of staying up the deepest night and drinking the most expensive health tea.